Mazur: Fed/Twitter collusion is election tampering, not a ‘nothing burger’

Letter to Editor:

Will our divided nation ever heal? Both political parties distrust each other. Democrats view Republicans as a threat to democracy and Republicans view Democrats as socialists destroying our Constitution. This division is a threat to our freedoms and liberty.

The greatest political scandal in our history was confirmed when Elon Musk showed Twitter’s bias by releasing censored documents that showed Twitters bias for Biden in the 2020 Presidential election. Musk also documented how federal agencies were involved influencing Biden’s victory. Major networks and Democrats consider this election tampering as “nothing burgers” but if Republican candidates were influenced positively by social media censorship and Justice/FBI departments, it would be front page news and scourged for weeks. That’s why there’s a division in voter suspicion and mistrust of any election results.

President Biden has been in politics for 50 years and knows how to play the system by manipulating elections. His college loan-forgiveness declaration was a gimmick hoodwinking 20,000,000 students to vote for Democrats in the mid-terms and it worked. Speaker Pelosi indicated months before that Biden didn’t have the authority to forgive student loans, but he violated the constitution anyway knowing a court strike-down would be after the election. He accomplished what he wanted without any repercussion. If a Republican did this the press and political attacks would be relentless.

A corrupt political and social media energizes the division in our country. We must be vigilant and stop letting them destroy our future and work to preserve freedom and liberty for the next generation.

Frank Mazur, South Burlington

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  1. What many don’t realize is that when taking direction from the government the private company no longer has the rights of a private company. Therefore they don’t have the right to censor any speech nor do they have the right to section 230.

    The supreme Court has stated that a private entity can be considered a state actor in only a limited number of circumstances. One of those circumstances is when the government acts in conjunction with the private entity.

    Weekly meetings and the suppression of information that the government requested directly is certainly “acting in conjunction with”

    Factions within our own government have suppressed speech violating the first amendment and anyone involved has broken their oath of office by not upholding the Constitution, and caused great bodily harm to a large number of Americans. They did it to interfere with the election, promoting a dangerous substance relentlessly, and to lie about the severity of the common cold (manipulated or not).

    I would say it’s also a treasonous act as it meets the definition of war.

    We must as a country hold these people accountable and not let this pass by.


  2. It wasn’t just Twitter, either. It was Google / Youtube and Facebook / Instagram among others. And these big players collude to literally pull the the plug on emerging free speech advocating platforms like Parler. This is 100% a case of government collusion with monopoly businesses to control and censor free speech, and to orchestrate domestic color revolutions for the establishment duopoly Republicratic Party. Read the Time Magazine article “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” where they actually brag about it all, or the Revolver.com series investigating big players like Norm Eisen.

    It’s way worse than just Twitter and some election tampering.

  3. The cozy relationship between government and the private sector such as we allow with “social media” is tailored to allow these media companies to impose broad censorship and surveillance of users. Although they are privately owned and run, they have become quasi-public due to their pervasiveness and monopolistic practices. The parking lot of a large shopping mall may be privately owned but you can still get a traffic ticket in one for driving recklessly…they are quasi-public, and the US Supreme Court has ruled thus.
    We are allowing private media companies to define what can and cannot be said, while they have no allegiance or adherence to the Constitution as a government agency would. FASCISM enables this, by design. When the information restricted is political in nature and affects the outcome of an election…DUH…it constitutes ELECTION INTERFERENCE.
    A majority of ignorant Ummericans voted for this scenario, directly or indirectly…inexplicably in the privacy and anonymity of the voting booth. We is dumb.