Mazur: Dems not proud to be Americans

To the editor: President Biden in his Christmas address encouraged the country to pursue a fresh start. He said we should be viewed as Americans doing what’s best for our country and not party. We should also be proud of our country and build it together.

Maybe the President was responding to a September New York Times poll which asked Americans if they think our country is the greatest on earth. 69 percent Republicans and 37 percent Democrats responded yes. In July the Rasmussen poll asked whether they were very proud to be an American. 74 percent Republican and 44 percent Democrats responded yes. A recent Quinnipiac poll asked if America was invaded by a foreign power would you stay and fight or run? 68 percent Republicans and 40 percent Democrats would stay and fight.

These polls are troubling, and the President is ignoring its seriousness. It won’t get better because of his harmony call. Many aren’t proud to be Americans and don’t think our country is great or worth fighting for. If a foreign power attacked us a big percentage of Americans would give up. China, Iran and Russia are cognizant of this weakness?

Why do so many hate America? Most are Democrats. Biden should ask them. It’s a serious national security problem when a majority of the people dislike this country. Who or what’s influencing people? Biden and political leaders better find out or we won’t have a country.

Frank Mazur

The author is a South Burlington resident and former Republican legislator.

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  1. I’d say Communist China is more their speed. No one is holding you here America-haters…certainly not anyone I know. Bon Voyage. Or should we say: Yi Huir Jian.

  2. The democrats/lefties have done an effective job of marketing it as very fashionable to hate the USA. The hatred is based on the Constitutional freedoms that we enjoy, with a bit of white guilt thrown in for flavor. Piss off a liberal…get a job and fly the flag.

  3. I was dismayed at how many in attendance at the State Senate swearing-in ceremony today did not stand for the pledge of allegiance to our flag. I’ll bet that they were not in the 70 or 44 percentile group?

  4. Its not going to get any better with public schools teaching children America has sucked and been a racist, unfair hell hole from its founding. When some of my neighbors informed me they judged people that display the American flag i installed a 30′ yard pole and put one in my car and both work trucks. Judge all you want. We’re all so blessed and if you cant see it you are ignorant. Yes they are democrats.

  5. Good letter Mr..Mazur. I agree with your thinking and I firmly believe the majority of Dems/Progs hate America. To many are subscribing to the Marxist ideology, and putting it into action.

    They believe America and Americans are racist, hateful people based on our heritage, systems, and institutions.

    America is still the land of opportunities and the place millions of people from other country will pay and die to come here for. They’re not trying to get into Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, or even Great Britian. It’s the United States of America!

    The left needs to get their heads out of their asses and live in this great Nation and improve their live, stop their woke and tarring down the great country on God’s green earth. Thank you.

  6. Some of us love America, but we struggle with how we got here. As a William Bradford descendent, I have been particularly moved by reading about King Phillips War and the utter devastation of the people who lived here first. Slavery? Yes, Virginia, it was horrific, and we should be ashamed. Some of us want America to keep moving forward, to keep being better, to keep empowering the least among us. We are a big enough people to learn our history and still love the hope of our future. Those who don’t want to learn history, who support insurrectionists, and love Vladmire Putin are really the ones we should be watching out for.

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