Mazur: Biden targets suburban single-family homes

To the editor:

For many, the American Dream is to own a home, a big fenced in yard for kids to play in and a place to have a family BBQ.  So, if you live in a home that has a yard, scrubs, space between you and your neighbor and you work every day to pay your mortgage you are the target of the Biden Infrastructure Plan. 

Biden is proposing the elimination of neighborhoods like yours.  He’s pushing your city/town to permit apartment buildings in your neighborhood “to ease a national affordable housing shortage and combat racial injustice.”

The Biden Administration policy is to have low-income families, who can’t afford single family homes in the suburbs, to live in multi-family, multi-story apartment buildings next door to you instead.  His proposal provides incentives to local governments by conditioning funding, grants and tax incentives to include multi-story in suburb zoning regulation.

Would President Biden who owns a 4-acre lakefront home in Delaware where there is no public or affordable housing allow a high-rise to be built next door?

Regulating land use and local zoning has always been a function of local government.  We don’t need big government to usurp local control to achieve a Democrat social agenda.

Frank Mazur

The author is a resident of, and former legislator for, South Burlington

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  1. It sounds like somebody is expanding the “Projects” idea to the suburbs. Remind me, how did/do they work in the “inner cites” ? I know I would not to be located anywhere near that kind of forced, ill conceived, s___ hole of inhumanity. Why not just stockpile people in old decommissioned ocean going ships ? You know,, like Noah did with animals .

  2. We can’t say we haven’t been warned..

    Donald trump made it very clear before the election what these people were up to and everybody turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to everything he said.

    Well now the lies have been exposed and the corruption of the left is hell bent on the destruction of America.

    We are living in sad times of ignorance across the state of vermont and throughout our country..

  3. Havn’t the disastrous results of HUD programs going back 50+ years served to demonstrate how this is a bad idea? Can we please once again ask a question that rarely if ever gets asked anymore: Since when did it become the responsibility of government to house people???

  4. Even though the town changes zoning people would have to sell to a developer. In the suburbs more than one person would have to sell to get enough land to build a multi family dwelling.

  5. Well if the Democrats keep sneaking illegals in the dead of night into our communities by the bus-loads, we may not have any other choice…What’s the point of immigration laws if we won’t enforce them?

  6. The next time a Republican sits in the Whitehouse and they run congress, we can lay the groundwork for compiling a database of neighborhoods where wealthy demoKKKrats live and target those locales for welcoming in those who “claim to be homeless” to fill new high rise apartment complexes. Couple this with reduced policing resources and it should make for an entertaining scenario.

    • With the rigged election system the democrats have, I don’t know if there will ever be another balanced congress or an American in the whitehouse. If the right does not take back the congress in 2022, all if lost and revolution is the only solution left. Strong words, but it is the reality.

  7. Whats next; dictating how many kids and pets you can have, how much you are allowed to earn and what job you can have, etc? — This people is communism.

  8. Rest assured there is allot that is never going to happen coming out of the manufactured, well scripted and unbeknownst to MANY fake admin you have been granted a gift to see how things would be if in fact this Biden character (being played by multiple actors) had actually won the election. The world knows more about what is going on stateside than those stateside! He is not in the DC White House and has not been since he and his cohort’s term ended. There are 2 “sets’ that replicate the White House (movie sets) – do the research. It’s a show and the popcorn has been flowing since it began for those who are aware. Has Congress really been in DC? Have you seen many of the evil ones in public that were not a foot shorter than the original? What a true awakening lies ahead!!

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