Martineau: My View from Montpeculiar

by Maurice Martineau

It’s amazing that the Capital City of Vermont did not pay respects to the lives lost on the 20th anniversary  of 9-11, or hold the 4th of July fireworks but can hold “Taste of Montpelier” during the  pandemic. However they could hold a free barbeque for the city employees (where did the $2000 come from for this?) during the pandemic. Was this barbeque for all employees or just union members?

* * * * * 

Reaganism: “If we ever forget one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” The Vermont 2020 census that chose to identify: 

  • 54 % of population were affiliated with Christian based                                                                                   
  • 8% non-Christian based                                                                                           
  • 37% not affiliated                                                                                            
  • 1% no response 

* * * * *

Reaganism: “Either You control your government, or it will control You.” Vermont (specifically Burlington City Council Progressives) is making Vermont less safe, a toxic environment, legal prostitution and fodder for comedians.  

If legislative S171 (Ethics Rules for all government branches) currently in front of the legislature passed years ago, the mess with the city of Newport, Quiros and Governor Shumlin never would have happened. S171 should also require legislators that have family members in the state employees’ union and the teachers’ union should refrain from voting on bills pertaining to them. 

All Democratic legislators running for the US House of Representatives have encouraged Washington  Legislators to stop the practice of buying and selling of stocks while in office for ethics reasons.  None of these Vt Democrats are supporting S171 (Ethics Rules for Vt Legislators) for Vermont  however, “Do as I say not as I do.”

* * * * *

In the state of Vermont, there are 4,553 non-profits registered with the IRS. The latest census has the  population in Vermont as 622,882.  That means one non-profit for every 137 people in Vermont. In 2018 non-profit revenue was $5,203,110,000 with expenses of $ 4,966,490,000. What was the  balance of $23,662,000 for?

* * * * *

Democrats, Progressives, and Independants tout that Democracy is important to them, but not in the City of Montpelier. 

My experience as a moderate Republican trying to get on the ballot in 2016 was eye  opening. To acquire the 25 signatures to get on the ballot for City Council, I went to a city council meeting early for signatures from people in my district. Of the 7 people I asked for their signature, one person signed but told me I would never get their vote. The other 6 told me where to go and told me  to move out of Vermont. 

I was born in Barre, Vermont and this statement made me sick. Evidently only Progressives, Democrats, and Independents are welcome in Vermont. I then thought that I would just  run as an Independent and just caucus as a Republican ie: “Bernie Independent and caucus with the  Democrats when it was needed.”

* * * * *

“You can’t legislate morals or people’s actions.” Proof of that is to just watch drivers using their cell  phones in traffic (to quote Governor Shumlin “If my daughter is calling, I’m going to answer”) or  legislators turning right on “no right on red” against the light, no using directional lights while on their cell phone. They should realize that (their license plates put them under a microscope) the laws they pass they must follow. 

Maurice Martineau is a Montpelier resident who grew up in Barre. As the spirit moves he plans to write a column full of Reaganisms and other worthwhile thoughts.

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  1. “To thine own self be true”, and to blazes with the neigh sayers ! It’s good to see native Vermonters trying to get into politics. Good luck Maurice !

  2. Yes Good Luck Maurice. You can do it!! Debate anybody, anytime and anywhere. Go door to door. People will listen because they are sick of inflation, the cost of rising food prices almost weekly, gas and stagnant incomes. You think Biden or Bernie cares about it,heck no!!! What have the progressives done, nothing but make us a welfare state controlled by them. When you speak it will strike a cord in them and they will believe that change is needed and it will start with them voting for you because it’s what makes sense for them to do their part as Vermonters. Vermont needs you. I hope there are many others who feel as you do and kick the whole lot of them out!!! Mary

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