Man who stabbed victim repeatedly charged with attempted murder, police say

Two stabbing incidents took place this week in Washington County, police say. 

Northfield police arrested Denis Magoon, 26 of Northfield after they were called to a local residence for an assault at 6:22 AM on Tuesday, June 20. Officers found the victim (not identified) was stabbed many times by Magoon, they say. The victim was transported to the hospital with critical injuries. 

Magoon was charged with attempted murder, aggravated domestic assaulty with a deadly weapon, and reckless endangerment. 

Two stabbed in group fight in Waterbury – Police say two people were stabbed when multiple people, both adults and juveniles, engaged in fighting near Park Row and Railroad Street the night of June 21.

Troopers say Aaron Vetere, 22, and Josh Gillen, 28, both of Wolcott, were sent to the hospital for treatment of apparent stab wounds.

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  1. Looks like somebody will have to start banning knives but I’m sure our legislators are on top of it!