Man shot by cop in Burlington arrested; gunfire went through pant leg of police officer

Wednesday afternoon, following his discharge from the hospital, David Johnson was arrested by the Vermont State Police on charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment arising from his charging a Burlington Police Department officer with a knife Saturday afternoon.

Johnson, 20, of Burlington also is facing a charge of domestic assault related to an incident that occurred with a family member several days earlier.

Johnson was brought to the VSP barracks in Williston for processing. He will be transported to the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in Burlington for arraignment, which is expected later today.

The three Burlington police officers involved in this incident are cooperating with the Vermont State Police investigation into Saturday’s shooting. Sgt. Simon Bombard, Officer Brock Marvin and Cpl. Tyler Kahlig completed interviews with VSP detectives earlier this week.

Evidence gathered by the Vermont State Police shows that Bombard fired three rounds from his department-issued firearm. One round hit the rear of a Burlington police cruiser, the second struck Johnson in his left leg, and the third appears to have passed through a leg of Marvin’s pants, changed trajectory to an upward angle, ricocheted off the rear driver’s side of a parked SUV, and finally struck the windshield of a truck parked behind the SUV. Marvin initially had been out of the line of fire, but as Marvin attempted to evade Johnson, he moved into the area. Marvin was uninjured, as was the occupant of the SUV. The driver of the truck received minor injuries from shattered glass.

Evidence reviewed by VSP, including footage from body-worn cameras, shows that the officers attempted to establish a rapport with Johnson, whom they knew from previous interactions, and attempted to de-escalate the situation. About four minutes after the police arrived, Johnson charged at one of the officers. That officer was carrying and deployed a conducted electrical weapon, which did not slow Johnson.

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