Guv unveils plan to address violent crime

Governor Phil Scott yesterday issued his 10-point public safety enhancement and violence prevention action plan, laying out the framework of a comprehensive response to address violent crime and other public safety concerns across the state.

“Vermont is among the safest, healthiest states in the country, and that remains true today,” said Governor Scott. “But the fact is, a statewide workforce crisis, coupled with various social and public policy factors, have resulted in a spike in criminal activity and these trends are negatively impacting the public safety and welfare of the state. To address this, we need all our law enforcement organizations to work more closely together, get all our intelligence and data on the table, and face this head on.”

To begin, Governor Scott has directed the commissioner of Public Safety and other agency and department executives – in partnership with other law enforcement entities, prosecutors, and the judiciary – to implement a 10-point plan focused on three core goals:

  • To reinforce frontline law enforcement capacity and prioritize immediate reduction, prevention and prosecution of violent crime statewide;
  • To expand prosecution capacity and help the courts address a backlog of cases; and
  • To prioritize long-term violence prevention policies, systems, and services.

Building off ongoing efforts by the Scott Administration and local partners, the Governor’s directives lay out initiatives to ensure the Vermont State Police can continue to support the needs of communities and local police departments while taking steps to enhance the response in regional hot spots. This includes efforts to augment staffing with law enforcement personnel from other agencies, and with temporary hiring of retired officers.

The Attorney General’s Office has also agreed to expand the State’s capacity for prosecuting major crimes, including all levels of violence associated with drug and human trafficking, and the Judiciary has prioritized eliminating its case backlog to ensure these prosecutions can move forward in a timely manner.

The Governor has also directed the commissioner of Public Safety to expand the role of the Vermont Intelligence Center, directed his agency and department executives to establish a more nimble interagency collaboration modeled after Vermont’s nation-leading COVID-19 response, and will reestablish a Violence Prevention Task Force to focus on preventing violence in communities and schools.

“We’ve shown that when we roll up our sleeves, knock down silos and work together with a clear and measurable goal, we can lead the nation in addressing challenges and protecting people. This framework will be key to remaining the safest state in the country with a criminal justice system that is fair and equal to all,” added Governor Scott.

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  1. Just a thought, and a lot of people will disagree with me, (So, what’s new?) How about building a modern, efficient, totally unwoke prison ? I’m not talking about a country club, or a university, or even a health club, I’m talking about a place that if you build it, they will NOT want to come to ! . Of course you would have to build it so it is big enough that you never run out of room for new “tenants”. Either that or farm out the truly worst, incorrigible offenders to Turkey, or North Korea to rehabilitate . Ya. I now, I have no heart .

    • Yes. And how about enacting laws that mandate no plea bargaining and the most severe penalties of prison and other sanctions. For drug crimes, weapons crimes, Also how about NO FURTHER DRIVING – PERIOD – for any jerk who is caught driving in excess of 20 mph over the limit? And one more….DUI. Mandatory one year lockup and no further driving.

  2. I’m having difficulty drawing a direct line between Scott’s “workforce crisis” and addressing violent crime. On the causation list I see many issues way more important, with the liberal/socialist “Defund the Police” mantra being number 1.
    Certainly the negligence of the State’s Attorney in Vermont’s most populous county ranks in the top 5. Scott and the Legislature play a big role in their actions of the past 2 years- from the illegal and unnecessary lockdowns imposed on Vermont to the legislatures inability to accomplish substantive solutions for issues the themselves exacerbate. All three branches of Vermont’s government have let down Vermont residents greatly, with their ridiculous reactions and hysteria surrounding SARS-CoV-2, and continue to avoid dealing directly with the issues caused by…Vermont’s democratic/socialist government. But I’d never expect the fox to fix things in the henhouse.

  3. I’m having trouble with this statement…
    “we need all our law enforcement organizations to work more closely together”,

  4. Why does anyone believe anything Scott says ? He supports the blm domestic terrorist organization by allowing their name to be painted on our streets and their flag to be flown over our schools, Government Buildings and Monuments.
    Since he signed the illegal Gun Laws on the Statehouse steps he has effectively punished Law Abiding Vermonters while doing nothing to protect any student or school in Vermont.
    He supports and endorses the murder of 3500 unborn Humans by planned parenthood every year in Vermont.
    In fact he has a 100% rating from them.
    Now he brags that he will vote for Article 22. Abortion on demand, anywhere, anytime by anyone.
    Also giving the ” State of VT ” the right to sexually molest every child with physical, chemical and psychological mutilation.
    The language also provides for the arrest of any Parent or Health Care worker that would fight to protect the child.
    Those who cover and support Scott claim to be ” Phil Scott republicans. ” In reality Scott is as much Republican as Sanders. Those who Champion the destruction of the most innocent are evil.
    Those who support them are complicit.

  5. The Gavin Newsom of the East is going to Build Back Better with DNC talking points and word salad. If every corrupted and compromised politician and bureaucrat is prosecuted properly under the law, our lives would improve tenfold immediately. Vermont is a cesspool of corruption and the same people who put us in this disaster is not going to fix it. They never have and never will.

  6. It seems the most of the violent crime is drug related. So let’s figure out how to curb the demand for the crap. just like throwing a coat of new blacktop on a road that isn’t built right we always try to fix the problem without fixing the cause of the problem.

  7. Scott seems to have mastered “Orwellian-babble” – where in his statement is a recognition of the causes in the spike in crime and the effective remedies? (hint: defunding police, woke city councils promoting cultural Marxism, Prosecutors who don’t prosecute based on “social justice” criteria). Scott doesn’t promote any real measures to keep citizens safe. Residents and visitors to Vermont would be well advised to stay out of it’s woke areas (Burlington, Middlebury, Bennington, etc.) until some responsible adults are elected to State wide offices. (which, regrettably, could take a decade)…

    • Answer: Phil Scott. Yeah, I’ve never understood that either, Wendy. Gotta think there was some serious behind the scenes discussion both before and since that decision. I asked him Thursday what he thought of her reelection- he said something about people needing to be held accountable .

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