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Man removing roadkill struck by car/ Pickup truck fire, thefts

by Guy Page

A Vergennes man trying to remove a dead animal from Rte. 7 in Ferrisburgh sustained life-threatening injuries yesterday, September 6 after he was struck by a car.

State police say Neil Abrahamson, 36, is listed in critical condition at UVMMC. He was struck by a Chevrolet Trax operated by Jenna Delva, 24 of Lowell Vermont. 

Flaming pickup truck starts brushfire – At 6 pm September 6, state police found a Nissan Titan truck engulfed in flames on Underpass Road. The fire was put out by the Sutton Fire Department, which allowed troopers to confirm that there was no person in the truck. Eyewitnesses say the truck had been travelling up the road with a flat tire while on fire, before the male occupant abandoned the vehicle and left the scene. The roadway had to be shut down for approximately one hour during the fire.

The truck fire destroyed the vehicle, as well as damaged the road surface. The fire began to spread to the surrounding trees and brush before the fire department was able to successfully put it out.

Six pickup trucks stolen – On September 5 at 9 AM, state police learned of six stolen vehicles from the Autosaver Group sales lots in St. Johnsbury. At about 4 AM on September 3, three GMC 2500 Sierras and one 3500 Sierra, and two Ram 3500’s were stolen from the Autosaver Group on Memorial Drive were stolen off the lots. 

Through the investigation, Troopers were able to capture video of two persons of interest later that same day. The Vermont State Police is asking anyone who recognizes the individuals to contact the St Johnsbury Barracks at 802-748-3111.

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  1. “were stolen from the Autosaver Group on Memorial Drive were stolen off the lots. “

  2. It’s time to bring back the tried and true deterrent of hanging horse thieves for those who steal the modern equivalent…instead the Vermont statutes call it “operating without owner’s consent” and treat it akin to shoplifting a candy bar…

  3. Hope the fellow who tried to move the roadkill recovers quickly and fully.
    No good deed goes unpunished in VT.

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