Man admits pointing loaded gun at feds

by Mike Donoghue, republished from

A Springfield, Mass. man, who pointed a loaded handgun at a U.S. Border Patrol Agent – and lived to tell about it – has pleaded guilty to two federal felony charges including aggravated assault on the officer while doing his duties in Orleans County.

The Border Patrol captured Ivan Carmona, 30, on Nov. 18, 2021 after he was on the run for eight weeks from Vermont State Police and Newport City Police in connection with the kidnapping of a local woman and armed assault on her, records show.

Carmona admitted the two felony charges in a signed 10-page plea agreement and during a hearing in U.S. District Court in Burlington last week. One of the charges maintains Carmona knowingly and intentionally assaulted U.S. Border Patrol Agent Matthew Palma with a deadly weapon.


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  1. That picture is racist. You should have a picture from his high school yearbook..

  2. OBVIOUSLY, the border patrol agent was “racist”. And therefore, obviously a plea agreement was in order.

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