Lion-hearted RFK Jr. exposes history of vax mandates to Dartmouth crowd

RFK Jr. speaks at Dartmouth College last night. Screenshot from CHD.TV video – click here or on photo to see video

by Aaron Warner

The mishandling of the SARS-COV2 virus by the medical community and government continues with the vaccine mandates still in force at 1,000 colleges and universities, the React 19 Panel at Dartmouth College revealed yesterday. Vermont’s Dr. Sandy Reider, a founding member of Physicians for Informed Consent, was among the panel. 

Other panelists included Harvard’s Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D and co-auther of the Great Barrington Declaration which called for a moratorium on draconian lockdown and other measures, award winning cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, orthopedic surgeon and React 19 co-founder Dr. Joel Wallskog, George Mason law school professor Todd Zywicki, J.D., Pfizer clinical trial whistleblower Brook Jackson.  The panel was moderated by Kim Witczak, a global drug safety advocate.  

Dr. Horace “Sandy” Reider participates in React 19 panel yesterday.

The Hanover Inn banquet hall seating 400 people was sold out by the time I tried to get tickets for the  $300 a plate fundraiser for React 19.  Those in attendance were unusually demonstrative for a New England crowd, breaking into applause and hollering out at random throughout the gathering.  

Witczak’s “popcorn” approach to moderating made for an interesting range of discussion topics. The panel confessed to being fooled by the global response. Many claimed to be early adopters for the vaccine, several having been vaccinated, while also suffering harassment and censorship for expressing public concerns over poor management and civil rights violations.  

From bad medicine to unlawful government overreach the panel was united in both their deep disapproval and professional disgust for the conduct of pandemic super players like Dr. Anthony Fauci, governors Andrew Cuomo (NY) and Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan), and a media that carried the toxic water that bathed citizens and airwaves, including our vulnerable children. 

Democrat candidate hopeful for president and Big Pharma’s nightmare Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. preceded the evening’s keynote speaker, fellow lawyer Aaron Siri. 

Kennedy is a repository of stories and information which elucidate our current predicament regarding vaccines and America’s health crises.  His speech opened with his pleasant surprise to find an Ivy League room familiar with VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System).  He then explained the history of VAERS and how it was considered “wholly inadequate” early on by then Surgeon General Kessler.  VAERS continues to under deliver proper medical feedback due to its self-reporting requirement which leaves doctors, many of whom had never heard of it, de-incentivized to assume responsibility out of embarrassment for suggesting bad medicine.  

He then cited the Lazarus study which revealed less than 1% of all adverse events are reported.  So when we hear from Naomi Wolf there were 46,000 reported events by Pfizer, the actual number may be closer to 4.6 million. 

Much of Kennedy’s family shares the legacy of creating the American health regulatory body we have today.  If Democrats and their big government ideals are to be applauded, it’s in this realm no doubt.  Among them include his joint venture with David Koch of Koch Energy – a company Kennedy has nevertheless sued over twenty times for environmental reasons – who likewise had a child with crippling food allergies both men believe were caused by vaccination. 

Kennedy, who also runs the Children’s Health Defense organization, kept on topic: how are these vaccines affecting our children, why is it so bad, who is responsible and what can we do about it? 

1989 was the year following Ronald Reagan’s approval of the VICA protections which made vaccines the “perfect business model” leading to a veritable “gold rush” for vaccine makers.  The act essentially instituted a risk free and government guaranteed $1 billion per year cemented with legal immunity for anyone looking to play the game. 

Among the famous players are Bill Gates who has said vaccines were the best business investment he’s ever made.  Kennedy cited Gate’s ability to use American funds, thanks to a specious claim of “saving 30 million lives” in Africa where he and the World Health Organization (WHO) continue to promote a DPT vaccine to 160,000,000 African children each year.  Challenged by the Danish government and Danish bio-lab company Novo Nordisk (who have a facility in West Lebanon, NH), now with thirty years of research, Gates and the WHO need to explain why they continue to recommend the DPT shot shown to kill African girls at 10x the rate of non-vaccinated African girls.  In fact, the vaccine kills more children than the disease its purported to mitigate against. Experts who expose or bother to ask seem to be looking for work shortly thereafter. 

After 1989 the number of neurological disorders went from 1 in 10,000 among Kennedy’s generation to 1 in 34 today. There are over 100 disorders associated with today’s schedule of 72 vaccines. The inserts in today’s vaccine list virtually all of them, not as a catch-all as some suggest, but legally due to their proven links.  It’s unlawful to list anything not shown to cause harm. 

The most controversial is autism which now occurs in one in every five children.  Kennedy says we know it’s from the vaccines thanks to numerous independent studies.  We also know food allergies are caused by them as well thanks to empirical evidence using the aluminum adjuvant coupled with the specific protein (dairy, peanuts, latex, etc.) shown in rats.  

Speaking of rats, Kennedy ties a bow around his expose by mentioning the captured agencies and names of those who knowingly lie about their culpability.  His unwavering crusade to hold these people accountable has made him a national hero and possible bipartisan favorite to hold the highest office in the land. 

He maintains his faith in both science and medicine. But his lack of faith in the agencies to correct themselves is apparent. Throwing his hat into the ring given his family history takes tremendous courage in today’s environment. In a room full of high IQs he remains remarkably down to earth, starting his crusade largely over his concern for children losing the right and joy of fishing with their dads and granddads. 

We are reminded fighting evil doesn’t take intelligence, it takes courage – and the willingness to stand up and speak out. Even with a quivering and injured voice Mr. Kennedy is putting his time and money where his mouth is, which is about twelve inches above his lion’s heart. 

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  1. I am glad someone with a brain and clout is speaking out about this. Everyone else who tries to, are told they are spreading disinformation or are terrorists. Maybe there is hope!

  2. I’m pleased and encouraged that Kennedy was well received in Hanover, home territory of the medical system that mandated the covid bio weapon, and followed the Remdesivir protocol that killed so many.

  3. RFK Jr. has done incredible work over the years. I strongly support his Children’s Health Defense with several top notch associates doing excellent investigative work and reporting. He has all the goods on big Pharma, Monsanto and other money-grabbing agencies, as he has sued these harm-distributing agencies many, many times. He is one of the few voices that will make a huge difference, even if the MSM won’t allow him speaking engagements on their crony media outlets. People are hungry for the truth. I wish him the best of luck (and plenty of protection).

  4. I was able to get down to Boston to hear him make his announcement 4/19/23 for Democratic POTUS 2024 and was in awe of his natural abilities to be so personable, down to earth and even funny! It was a joy to hear him share his stories growing up with his father and learning how these memories motivate him to this day.
    I can not think of a more selfless, courageous thing for him to take on. Big Pharma has laws that make them untouchable; this needs to change. We have a hero ready to fight for us. The *DNC already announced there would be no debates?
    (they *fear the truth & know Biden is no match). So, then we’ll find our own Independent Media to hear what the candidates have to say; e.g., Tucker Carlson can host it! LOL. This is our country and I couldn’t appreciate Mr. Robert Kennedy, Jr. any more for standing up to the ‘Goliath’ the vaccine industry has become.

  5. excellent summary of the Wed. evening roundtable discussion at Dartmouth, thank you Aaron.
    I note just one detail needing correction … the rate of autism is 1 in 34, higher in boys at 1 in 22 ( these rates are derived from data several years old, so the true rate now is likely higher). The rate of neurological disorders such as ADD, ADHD, speech delay, tics, and others is certainly higher than simply the autism rate alone. This epidemic of chronic disease in children is the true pandemic that we should all be extremely concerned about, and should demand answers from our public health institutions. RFK, Jr. is indeed a brave man whose time has come.

  6. Interesting that he wasn’t shouted down or accosted by hordes of protesters. The name Kennedy still garners some respect from the Left? One thing he holds over the heads of the establishment is the Truth about the establishment – particularly the Bush Family and the Clintons. Now that he is stepping out into the white hot limelight to take on the killers of his father, uncle and cousin is very interesting and the timing even more interesting. I certainly hope the Left will listen to him and wake up from their stupor.