Former lawmaker arrested for stalking / college sex assault arrest / strangulation at homeless hotel

Debt-collecting lawyer didn’t have warrant, police say

Vermont State Police reported this morning they have arrested Alan Bjerke, 61, of Burlington for stalking a 62-year-old Waitsfield woman. 

Bjerke, a lawyer since 1994 and a Vermont lawmaker from 1992-1998, was seeking to possess the vehicle as part of a debt payment, state police said. 

Bjerke served three terms in the Vermont Legislature from 1992-1998. He also taught contract law at Burlington College. He is also a self-expressed expert witness on debt collection legislation.  In testimony submitted in 2018 for a debt collection bill, Bjerke said: “I am an attorney admitted in Vermont since 1994. For the last 20 years, I have focused my practice in the areas of commercial and consumer debt collection, where I have represented both creditors and debtors.”

Bjerke has been a member of the Burlington Democratic Committee, the Ward 3 Neighborhood Planning Assembly, Greater Archibald-Intervale Neighborhood Association.

On March 17, police received a report from Michelle Woodcock that she had found an Apple AirTag stuck behind the license plate of her car. Investigation indicated that Alan Bjerke had placed the AirTag on Woodcock’s vehicle so he could track its location. Bjerke was lawfully seeking to take possession of the vehicle as part of a debt payment; however, he did not have a search warrant or authorization to track the vehicle’s and/or Woodcock’s location. 

On April 26, Bjerke was issued a citation for the violation of Stalking.

Norwich University sex assault arrest – Wilson Reich (22 years old of Dudley MA), was arrested April 25 for a sexual assault that occurred last week at Norwich University, Northfield Police Chief John Helfant said. 

On April 25, The Northfield Police Department was made aware of a possible sexual assault that had occurred the prior week at Norwich University. Through investigation, witness statements and victim statements, probable cause was found.

Reich was cited into the Washington County Superior Court today. 

Man charged with strangling woman at Lyndon homeless hotel – A 36-year-old man is charged with attempted strangulation of his partner while the two were living at the Colonnade, a ‘homeless hotel’ in Lyndon, according to this morning’s Caledonian-Record

Steven Vielguth, 36, pleaded not guilty to felony 1st-degree aggravated domestic assault in Superior Court in St. Johnsbury. State police were contacted by the victim, a 35-year-old woman and domestic partner. However, she declined to allow police to take her written statement and photograph the red marks on her throat, police say. 

Vielguth was released on conditions by Judge Justin Jiron. He faces up to 15 years in prison. 

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  1. I’m trying not to make assumptions, but the former legislator’s party affiliation was not mentioned and an internet search did not readily reveal the info…inquiring minds want to know!!!

    • It says in the article that he has been a member of the democratic committee so I’m guessing he is a demoRat.

  2. Bjerke was a legislator in 1992 before becoming an attorney in 1994. The Golden Dome is a good start to learn the nuances of ethics and morals. Appears he violated Federal law as well. Violations of the Fair Debt Collections and Practices Act could cost him his license and stiff penalties – if the law is enforced. The victim does have grounds for a solid civil suit and a solid complaint to the Feds, which then the IRS would likely audit his returns for how his debt recovery funds were reported and disbursed.

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