Licata: In Burlington, the authoritarian children are in charge now

An open letter to Burlington’s Mayor and City Council:

Miro wins by a mere 129 votes. All the destructive and deconstructive ballot provisions including ranked voting, just cause evictions and regulation of everybody’s use of energy – the goal of which is to ration and redistribute energy: ‘Energy Justice!’ – passes.

The children are largely in charge now – including Max and his band of comrades – with their cancerous form of postmodern, deconstructive, illiberal and authoritarian Social Justice Theory.

You may get your “equality” but it will be of the Churchillian kind: Marinated in ignorance and envy to produce misery… which I suspect many of you would be just fine with.

The Revolution inches ever closer.

Should you want to better understand yourselves – and self awareness is often such a painful thing – I recommend that you and your Burlington-resident supporters read Cynical Theories, by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay.

Tom Licata

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    • But all may not be lost. Golding’s story of children ruling themselves on a desert island is that of a typical ‘leftist’ who sees human nature as inherently evil. It’s an understandable sentiment given left’s propensity for its destructive behavior toward individual merit-based success. They feel evil, they see evil, they project evil. But there was a real-life Lord of the Flies comparison that we rarely hear about, and that ended very differently.


      “When six boys were stranded on a remote Pacific island, no one got killed by a boulder and mankind’s supposed inherent savagery didn’t express itself, offering an alternative to the grim view of humanity in Lord of the Flies, William Golding’s 1954 novel.”

      Perhaps the youthful Burlington City Council will come to its senses before someone really gets hurt. Let’s hope so.

  1. Governance, laws, regulations require a response from the governed. Among the possible responses are, we agree and cooperate…we pay little heed but acquiesce…we resentfully submit. The more the democratic majority process pushes us toward resentful submission the more we withdraw our support for government and default to a volatile minority oppressed by the majority. Such a society does not make for happy campers and does not fit with the intentions sought at our founding. I pray that these foolish folks catch on.

  2. Burlington VT is awash in a big vat of sewage thanks to the deviants who convinced so many that the criminals are the “super heroes” while the police are the criminals, that everything that anyone does, says, believes, or knows is “racist” – along with all the other radicalized, skewed socialistic concepts of leftists.

    Vermont once had a proud culture that extolled peace, community, and tolerance. Now these extremists running Burlington are ruining a once lovely city whilst proclaiming it’s all for the “best”. It is NOT. Say goodbye to tourism, to retirees, and to residents who don’t enjoy having their cars busted into or having some gangsta kid pull the trigger of a gun he’s illegally carrying in a crowded mall.

    Mayor, YOU have but three years to attempt to turn your city around. Don’t be sheepish, don’t be intimidated. Don’t pander.

    Do the Right Thing.

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