Levine urges young people to vax to avoid ‘Long Covid,’ but can’t give stats

By Guy Page

The Vermont Department of Health doesn’t know how many young Vermonters suffer from longterm, debilitating “Long Covid” that reportedly afflicts young people nationwide.

VT Health Commissioner Mark Levine

‘Long Covid’ was cited today by Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine as a reason for young people to get vaccinated. Younger people are the next ‘target market’ for vaccination. By April 19, all Vermonters 16 and older will be eligible. This shift in emphasis comes as vaccination of Vermonters 70 and over exceeds 80%, the Covid death rate is in steep decline, and only 25 vaccinated Vermonters have contracted Covid, none of them needing hospitalization. 

With the worst apparently over, Vermont officials want younger Vermonters vaccinated. In his opening remarks, Levine said young people should protect themselves from the physically and mentally debilitating effects of Long Covid. “After enduring what you have for the last year, you owe it to yourself,” Levine told any young people listening to the press conference.

Later in the press conference, Vermont Daily asked Levine how many young people suffer from Long Covid: “How many young Vermonters have contracted this? Has anyone or is anyone now suffering longterm disability?”

“There are definitely people suffering from this,” Levine responded. Some students are enrolled in a clinical study at UVM, he said. “I get communications from a variety of people. I do not have a number for you. I doubt you will get that number anywhere in the country.”

According to Heart Matters, most people who had Covid symptoms recovered quickly and were able to resume their normal lives after a few days. But for some, the effects of the virus can last for weeks or months. This has been known as “long Covid”. Lasting symptoms of coronavirus can include: fatigue, breathlessness, anxiety and depression, palpitations, chest pains, joint or muscle pain, and not being able to think straight or focus (‘brain fog’). 

Health officials also reported that they hope to have high school students vaccinated before school starts in the fall, and to have younger children vaccinated by the new year.

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  1. Pneumococcal disease has become less of the scourge it was decades ago, a killer especially of the very young and elderly, because of an effective vaccination program over the last 20 years focused especially on children. By developing immunity in the childhood age reservoir, the entire community has benefited. Abundant information is available to assess illness and vaccine efficacy for Pneumococcal disease. Hopefully, we will soon benefit from availability of more data to help guide our practices regarding COVID-19.

    • Dear Dr. Jeffery Kaufman, Do you really know what you are talking about? Have you read the actual studies? Are you really really sure you have relevant information that will make us/me believe you? If you did read studies, who made the studies? I am very skeptical that vaccines work and I am very skeptical that you read any of the studies that the manufactures came up with for the current covid EXPERIMENTAL AGENTS. These Expreimental Agents are not vaccines they are gene therapy which changes DNA. It is also known that there is a spike protein in these Gene Therapies that is very similar to the proteins in the placenta, Thus when someone is injected with this spike protein gene therapy this MRNA does not stop it does not have an off switch so when the person gets pregnant , some people think there maybe a problem and the experimental agent will attack the placenta. We don’t know really because there have been NO LONG TERM STUDIES and we are STILL in the Experimental stage so everyone who gets the Experimental Agent is a test subject. Do you really like being an uninformed test subject? I sure don’t.

  2. 25 people test positive for covid-19 in one day, the state mandated masks. 25 people test positive for covid-19 AFTER getting vaccinated, and it’s totally normal. I strongly urge people to read the modern, pfizer, and J&J fact sheet /ingredients sheet available on the CDC website. All three specifically state, “this vaccine may not work for everyone” and they also hint that they may not prevent covid-19. I’m sure that’s just legal talk since the vaccines are only approved for emergency purposes.

    • The PCR test is fraudulent, so actual ‘cases’ are unsubstantiated. Otherwise, ppl are getting the ‘jab’ and have little/no idea of the ingredients, no cursory understanding of how it works, results of clinical trials, ideology of the manufacturer, country of origin, platform, pro/physician insert, etc.

      • It’s true, the PCR test was never intended for this purpose. The fact that the US government considers it the “Gold Standard” is the real fraud. If you are interested in reading more about the vaccine ingredients and/or the “precautions” I describe in my previous comment go here - – and download the full fact sheet (there are separate sheets for each type, but they basically say the same thing)

  3. According to the ghouls and demons facilitating crimes against humanity – it is normal for healthy young athletes to drop dead. It is normal for young children to have strokes. It is normal for teens to have heart attacks. They had to change the definition of a vaccine after 100 years because they knew what was coming. The government is now your doctor and your doctor is the government. God will judge them all and their fate will be justice.

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