Levine unaware of CDC report of 8 vaccine-related Vermont deaths

By Guy Page

Health Commissioner Mark Levine said Tuesday he was unaware the U.S. Centers for Disease Control website shows eight Vermonters have died as a Covid-19 vaccinations. 

“That’s more than three percent of the deaths in Vermont. I’m a little surprised you haven’t mentioned that before,” Islander reporter Mike Donoghue told Levine at yesterday’s press conference.

The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Response System (VAERS) allows the online searcher to isolate by state, vaccine type, and nature of adverse effect. Vermont Daily navigated the cumbersome online tool, isolating for Vermont, all Covid vaccine types, and death-resulting – and got the same number of Vermont deaths-by-vaccine as Donoghue: 8.

Screenshot from May 25 CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Response (VAERS) website. The search results are in response to a Vermont Daily query for Vermont deaths as a result of Covid-19 vaccination.

The VAERS system on the CDC website notes that statistics may be contributed not only by health providers, but by the general public, and offers a disclaimer that the information may be inaccurate or unverifiable.

The conversation between Donoghue and Levine can be heard at the one hour, 35 minute mark on the WCAX raw footage of the Tuesday, May 25 press conference.

Donoghue: “Can you address the various deaths linked to Covid 19 vaccine shots in Vermont? And will Vermont be adding those death statistics to the state dashboard? I’ve checked and nobody recalls you disclosing or discussing the Vermonters who have had reactions and died from their shots, that the CDC reports.”

Levine: “So your question has to do with people who have gotten the vaccine as Vermonters and have died …and the death was related to getting the vaccine?”

Donoghue: “Correct, the CDC website reports those by state. Vermont’s numbers are up there. We haven’t heard too much talk about those deaths.”  

Levine: “We have the Vaccine Adverse Event Response System [VAERS] which allows us to look at deaths and serious reactions that could be potentially related to getting the vaccine. I’m aware of literally only  two serious events per vaccine platform ….I’m also aware of some deaths that were questioned whether they could have been related to the vaccine or not. People who died within some time frame of the vaccine –  not hours, I’m talking weeks…and then it’s a challenge to figure out if it’s a cause and effect issue, or if there was another condition the person had and the vaccine was coincidence. I’m not aware we have a long list of people who have been linked to the vaccine in terms of death. Do you have a number you’re dealing with?”

Donoghue: “It’s not my number, it’s the CDC number on the website, it has eight Vermonters being dead because of the vaccine shots.”  

Levine: “That is clearly not the data we have, for sure.”

Donoghue: “You may want to get your numbers updated. I assume the CDC will share. They’ve got four women dead and four men dead.”

Levine: “Let me look into that and get back to you on Friday. Because that’s important information if that’s truly what they’re listing.  If there was something that was a real signal of an alarm, we’d be aware. So let me get back to you on that.” 

Donoghue: “That’s more than three percent of the deaths in Vermont. I’m a little surprised you haven’t mentioned that before.”

Mike Donoghue,

Nationwide, a National Vaccine Information Center review of VAERS data shows 227,805 adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 4,201 deaths, between Dec. 14 2020 and May 14 2021. 

Donoghue covers local and state news for the Islander, the community newspaper for Grand Isle County and surrounding towns. He was a longtime police, sports, and local government reporter for the Burlington Free Press. A retired St. Michaels College journalism professor and past president of the Vermont Press Association, he is regarded as a zealous defender of the public’s right to know and an aggressive questioner of government officials who seem not to be forthcoming with public information.

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  1. Even if it was accurate – and apparently average (non-medical personnel) people can assert a death was the result of the vaccine & therefore it is yet unverifiable, it’s way less than the over 250 people who died of the China virus.

    Again, each person must personally weight the risk and the benefit for them – depending upon age, immune health, etc.

    Seat belts save lives. Yet annually there is a small fraction of people who likely would have remained alive had they NOT been wearing a belt. Risk. Benefit. I’m pro-vaccine in terms of potentially deadly diseases.

    • Don’t use the seat belt theory because if you are injured by a seat belt malfunction, you can sue the manufacturer. Not so for the vaccine manufacturers. No one is held liable. Also, I would venture to say that the 250 deaths “from covid” are also unverifiable since the CDC has now come out and said that only a small fraction of deaths last year were actually from Covid alone.

  2. “or if there was another condition the person had and the vaccine was coincidence.”

    Oh you mean like people that died WITH Covid19 versus FROM Covid19, yet you still used those inflated coincidence numbers to justify an authoritarian dictatorship for over a year now

  3. Funny how the distinction between FROM and OF suddenly matters. I thought just one death was too many? These people are painfully hypocritical.

  4. And I thought ANY death due to a “vaccine” was enough for it to be pulled from the market and reevaluated. Maybe because these “vaccines” aren’t really vaccines at all (not following all the guidelines to be considered a vaccine) the deaths caused from the “vaccines” mean nothing at all to Levine and his friends.

  5. An elderly man in our area received a COVID shot, and then came down with covid two weeks later. After being taken to the hospital, he died there two weeks later from a heart attack. His death was directly related to receiving the shot but was not counted on VAERS. I wonder how many of these cases are happening over the last few months in Vermont and not being related to the shots? Strokes and heart attacks are happening to some people weeks after receiving the shots, and they are not being counted directly as adverse reactions. I find this upsetting and outrageous!

  6. Dr Levine will circle back on that one! Don’t forget how giddy they were to have Dr. Fauci appear with them and relied on the CDC guidance along w/Dr. Fraudchi. Dig deeper into the CDC info center and find out even more about this bio-weapon virus and vaccine. Fauci is going to prison or long overdue dirt nap – the Truth is coming out every day.

  7. Thanks to Mr. Donoghue for bravely asking that question–because it’s time to ask. Though reports into the VAERS database don’t prove causality (there is always a background death rate), the current numbers are staggering. Nationwide, there have been more reported deaths following Covid shots than for ALL OTHER VACCINES COMBINED for the past twenty years. In Vermont, 16 deaths have been recorded for non-Covid vaccines since VAERS began collecting data in 1990, yet eight post-Covid shot deaths have been reported in four months.

    And that’s just the short term. What about the long-term? Since we have no long-term studies on these vaccines, it’s anybody’s guess.

  8. Maybe we should contact the family of the ones who passed to get their story and post it here if they would be willing. Might shine a light on the ticks in the statehouse….

  9. Dr. Levine has an autopsy been performed on any of the eight people? I believe not, so how would CME come to a conclusion. The production of the spike protein by the mRNA vaccine causes trillions of these spike proteins to inflame the persons arteries and veins. This is just as problematic than the Covid19 virus that invades the lungs. When this happens the lungs have a chance to keep the dangerous spike protein localized but when mRNA tells every cell in the body to make the spike protein its everywhere in the body. This “sticky” crown protein can cause platelets to clump together which potentially cause stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and other pulmonary issues. After Eric Clapton receives the Astra Seneca shot his extremities were paralyzed and numb for many weeks after both shots. He thought he was never going to play the guitar ever again. Surely an educated doctor doesn’t need to look very far to see that even an impotent shell of the corona crown protein in and of itself is problematic for the body to be circulating within its bloodstream causing inflammation. The vaccine is as the virus. According to VAERS over 4000 people in the USA have “appeared” to die from taking the vaccine. In retrospect, 800 people have “appeared” to have died collectively from all other vaccines combined in the USA in the past half dozen decades. We’re not even close to saying this vaccine is safe and effective.

  10. Never forget that we know the corrupt corporate gov knows that less than 1% of vax injuries and deaths are ever reported to VAERS – a system set up to fail after pharma was shielded from responsibility for maiming, retarding, sterilizing, and killing people via injections.

    The Harvard Pilgrim study accidentally proved it and when the researchers tried to work with the CDC to fix that, the ghouls at the CDC cut ties and communications. Since then it has gotten worse, now with it being handed over to General Dynamics through fascist “public-private partnerships” directly usurping any supposed government transparency and accountability.

  11. An impressive bunch of well informed commentators here…….You cannpt read their remarks and then read the utter BS coming out of Dr Levine’s and Phil Scotts mouths without wanting to reach for your personal copy of the 2nd Amendment

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