Levine addresses vax injury concerns

By Guy Page

If you think you’re a victim of vaccine injury but the doctors won’t give you any diagnosis for your mysterious condition, tell the CDC and seek more medical opinions, Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine advised during a press conference Tuesday. 

Greg Robbins of St. Johnsbury described in Monday’s Vermont Daily Chronicle how four weeks after he received a Moderna vaccine, his left knee began to swell inexplicably. Symptoms got worse after the second dose. Neither his primary care doctor nor an orthopedist could explain the cause of the swelling. And they didn’t want to discuss the possibility of a vaccine injury, he said. 

Robbins reported the condition to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). He received a phone call from VAERS but as yet no word about whether he is a vax injury victim. 

This is not surprising, given that the CDC is taking a wait-and-see, low-key approach to Moderna vaccine injury, at least on its website. The closest suggestion of a link between Robbins’ condition and Moderna vaccination is in this website statement on reported serious adverse reactions: “The possibility that the vaccine contributed to the serious adverse event reports of rheumatoid arthritis….cannot be excluded.”

Robbins’ dilemma was raised at Gov. Phil Scott’s press conference Tuesday. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle: “What do you recommend, or perhaps does Dr. Levine recommend, to someone who reasonably thinks, ‘I have had a reaction to a vaccine,’ but the health system will not respond to them, and give them any sort of answers either pro or con?”

“From my perspective, I would see another doctor to confirm the first doctor’s opinion,” Scott said. “But, Dr. Levine?” 

The lanky Health Commissioner then stepped to the microphone. 

“He’s done some of the right things,” Levine said. “He’s made an encounter with the health care system, presented his case, and looked for an opinion. He didn’t get the one he wanted. Now I’m sure his case has been submitted through the [VAERS] reporting system so it will get vetting at the level of the CDC, because there may be others like him who have had similar symptoms.

“That’s how this process works. There are plausible and biologically implausible explanations for  various types of symptoms and reactions. If he has an extraordinarily unique one, people will weigh in on that, based on their experience with this vaccine and other vaccines. 

“But he can certainly seek other opinions within the health care system, as the governor alluded to, which would mean people depending on the symptom who are in the specialty that that  symptom may fall within, or perhaps in the allergy or immunology spectrum, if it’s really looking for a kind of immune reaction to the vaccine etc.. That’s about all I can give you for now.”

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  1. Health Commissioner Levine, you should be ashamed of yourself. Your response to Greg Robinson’s probable vaccine injury is merely repeating the steps that he has already taken to address his issue. All he has received in return for his efforts is bureaucratic s excellence. Perhaps you should really be investigating how many people in Vermont have suffered some form of vaccine injury from these so called vaccines which never went through a thorough and valid scientific testing period. Rather than a passive response, how about an active response, one that may get the ball rolling for some actual help rather than just bureaucratic stalling.

  2. 1. Highly doubt it was added to VAERS by healthcare team MD. Maybe a well informed nurse or resp therapist. The majority are still in denial as to all we are seeing!
    2. Lots of injuries seen. Go for a second opinion but even the most obvious cases they wring their hands and just can’t seem to put a finger on the cause.

    Complete loss of confidence in providers. Cowardly at best. Hoping a few speak up at some point….
    Especially those ever silent pediatricians.

  3. If our own governments, state and federal can usurp and break our Laws, Constitutional and otherwise, to mandate, manipulate, coerce and force human beings to take experimental, untested shots, why are we surprised they would deny shot injuries?

    If you want the Truth about the shots and ALL that’s involved, go to alternative information sources that are not mainstream.

    Who in their right critical thinking mind would trust the government officials and/or agencies that sold the Mantra and ALL the lies and Lawbreaking of the Plan-demic?

    It’s ALL about Power, Money and Control.

  4. Keep seeking medical opinions? How is that helpful? How about let’s get your message out loud and clear to other Vermonters so they, too, can step forward to find financial, emotional and physical support for their injuries. Let’s work to get a an article front and center on the Seven Days and VT Digger to reach the masses. Let’s do what it takes to prevent this from ever happening again.

  5. Problem is they cant go against their narrative of “safe and effective ” despite the fact it’s the deadliest public injection ever. After all the bribing, shaming, firing, cancelling; they can’t reverse track. God will judge us all, some sooner than later.

  6. Here’s the FDA reviewing the Covid “vaccine” where they skip over the slides with the adverse effects on it. Surprise Joint pain is one of the symptoms. Probably needed to know that before taking it because the jab is doing exactly what it was supposed to.

    Here’s a link so you can see one of the slides easier, it’s kind of a pain especially on a phone to get the proper youtube link to work correctly:

    If you slow the player down to .5x you can pause it and read it for yourself: @2:06:30

    Now you have to ask yourself this one question:

    “If this random guy on the internet knew this in advance of the shots being given out, how did the state’s health commissioner not know?”

  7. Commissioner Levine. Thank you for that advice that provides absolutely no help to anyone. Do you really believe you are living up to your Department’s stated vision and missions that claim to “…help Vermonters live fuller, healthier lives from birth through old age by investigation of disease outbreaks and taking action to respond to public health threats and emergencies and to “empower Vermonters with current, correct, and credible information to stay safe and health?”

    How many people must get seriously sick and die before you act with integrity and despite the risks to your position, bravely step out there and make the difference that someone in your position could make?

    Take a moment and listen to this report that came about as the result of a court order in Texas for Pfizer to release heretofore non-available documents. Just ten weeks after the introduction of the jabs, Pfizer had to hire 2400 new full-time employees just to handle the volume of adverse reactions being called to their attention. Spend the five minutes watching this video that got through the censoring of anything negative about COVID19 vaccines.

    Time to stand up and be counted, Commissioner and you too Governor Scott. When are you really going to start protecting the most vulnerable among us, something you always claim to do? Pfizer tries to hide 2.4K full-time hires handling vax injuries)

    Come on and click on it Commissioner. It is less than 5 minutes long and it just might convince you to get off the fence and do your job of protecting the public.

  8. Dr. Levine is following the example of his good friend, Dr. Fauci, who masterminded the bureacratic processes that allowed the Covid crisis to evolve. He doesn’t practice medicine as history has known. He practices climbing steps using empty bureuacratic platitudes that say nothing but delay knowing the truth about a matter.

  9. Levine has known the plan all along. Create a fake pandemic that can only be cured by an experimental dangerous ‘vaccine’. It’s simply genocide by proxy.

    Someday people will wake up. Not counting on Vermonters doing it though.

  10. ““But he can certainly seek other opinions within the health care system, as the governor alluded to, which would mean people depending on the symptom who are in the specialty that that symptom may fall within, or perhaps in the allergy or immunology spectrum, if it’s really looking for a kind of immune reaction to the vaccine etc.. That’s about all I can give you for now.””

    Levine is just a CDC parrot. The specialty to seek out is rheumatologists, not allergy specialists or immunologists.

  11. Dear Greg Robbins,

    I am truly sorry for your circumstances. Don’t frustrate yourself further by expecting ANY government agency or government employee to validate your situation or help you.

    If I were in your position, I would start by contacting doctors and organizations who are telling the Truth about the “shots” and helping victims. Such as:

    Doctors Without Borders – https://w
    Dr. Malone –
    Children’s Health Defense –
    Dr. Pierre Kory –

    We Hope All the Best to You and ALL those who are victims of our government(s)’ immoral and inhumane recklessness!

  12. Dr. Levine & the state of Vt. owe anyone injured by any medical procedure, drug or vaccine their full attention. This is so typical to hide away as people suffer for something the state forced on them!! No different than sending people off to war then ignoring their injuries. Politicians don’t understand why they are not trusted, simple, stop lying!! Remember the Nazi technique, keep telling the same lies and eventually people will believe it.

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