Letters: WW3 will make us forget climate change

To the editor – In our local newspaper, some climate alarmist said last year was the driest year ever for the last 128 years in Vermont, but looking at the record one finds that it was in the early 1900’s and also the early 1960’s.

Remembering that my tractor got stuck in the mud last year, I had to look it up.

One thing that can be said about climate change is that it will be forgotten when WW3 begins if the USA keeps funding the Ukraine War. Patriotism and media propaganda can and will blind even intelligent people from the realities of this situation. Ron Pal, Danville, VT

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    • People in Vermont are dumbed down by WCAX, Fox 44, The Times Argus, The Burlington Free Press, VT Public Radio (the government propaganda channel), Vtdigger, Seven Days, Facebook, Google, Front Page Forum and the list goes on. Herein lies a major problem for the truth to get to those who aren’t interested in the truth. Remember those words by our government leaders, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE! Now look at the damage done by those 3 words and the sheep stepped forward to get their poison instead of doing any research. And to top it all off, the voters elected the same people responsible for all the damage.

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