Letters: Vermonters afraid to speak truth about evil?

Vermonters are afraid to speak truth about evil – The truth offends and often shows a person’s character. There are those who are ruining freedom of religion and free speech of all that we love and trust. The United States of America has never been perfect and at times awful. Now, specifically, Vermont is more like the ancient story of Sodom and Gomorrah. What is bad is “good” and what is “good” is considered bad.

People are now afraid to speak the truth against lawlessness, socialism and current immoral behavior for fear of losing their job, being falsely accused of racism, face public humiliation, lied about, false discreditation or defamation of character. Just because something is popular and a lot of money is spent to deceive the masses does not mean that it is good or represents the truth. The fact that Vermont has strangely lost its labor force, especially in nursing must have us ask, “Where did they go?” 

Vermont is becoming a destination for drugs, sex, and end of life drugs, abortions and many schools are sexualizing children. Men cannot get pregnant… and now people can change their gender on their birth certificate as the law now allows that! Illegal aliens are here in this country illegally and CRT is only a theory being taught to keep us divided as a nation. 

Pollution is a huge issue but the GWSA, carbon tax, fuel shortages, price gouging at the pumps, electric cars and busses, wind towers, solar energy farms, an 8.3-billion-dollar Vermont state budget, gross inflation, the loss and ruination of our farms and community ties, closure of restaurants and businesses with “Help Wanted” signs everywhere, bigger and bigger invasive government, low-income housing popping up everywhere and for whom? … defunding the police which encourages lawlessness – these all lead us toward socialism and a one world government.

What I question is why we accept such abnormal, ungodly pressure and not be outraged enough to stop it with all legal means. To not buy into all that is wrong and rotting our wonderful Vermont culture. To choose what is good, lovely, pure and of good report! Is the lawlessness, unconstitutional, crazy murdering of our police and citizens and obvious immoral lies worth the price we must all pay. Not in money…although the intentional inflation we are living with is a horrible and hard price to pay.

We can’t have prayer in schools, have Christmas trees or a nativity scene even outside a church anymore. Much of society has lost its sense of awe, wonder, innocence and the teaching of basic education so that our children can simply read and write well: community, farms, the joy of learning and hard work, and the loss of knowing God, people and our Constitution. Is it worth our lives to give into tyranny – that which we were freed from many years ago? I think not. 

Data, self-love and socialism can only bring misery. Charles Wilson, Lyndon, Republican candidate for the Legislature 

Elections have consequences – This statement is very apropo right about now as we are living with the aftermath of a stolen election in 2020. 

I will not budge from this, in spite of the crooked media, which I have attempted to deal with in Rutland, and some “never Trumpers” who refuse to even admit by one itty bitty shred of a thread that Trump had this country in a much better place than we are in now. 

I watched most of the Trump rally in Pennsylvania Saturday eve, the crowd of people there was simply amazing. It appears as though the masses are fired up, but one would never get that impression from any of the media including Fox. Fox at the moment is nothing more than CNN lite. There are some notable lunkheads in that corner, namely Cavuto, and Perino. When was the last time Perino said anything positive about Trump? Remember, she worked for George W. Bush, and still is very loyal to the Bush points of view. She is a failure on Fox…. her diction is horrible because she talks a blue streak, like her pants were on fire, and the technicians at Fox are clueless in toning down her volume level.  

So Fox along with the associated misfits noted above, are doing their part to not promote anything Trump stands for, I get it MR Fox, and I will watch something else, like News Max. But, I would say that Trump has figured out a way to overcome the Fox-itis infection that has caused severe brain cramps with the Fox Management…. We will go elsewhere for support, and he has, very successfully. 

For the life of me, I cannot imagine why anyone would vote for Biden if his name appears on the ballot this coming Nov. Now, I am told by some whom I trust, that Biden’s name will be there only because of respect (respect for whom???) because he knows he is history. One would have to be a certified moron to cast a vote for that guy, when it comes to that Tues in Nov.. 

This guy was handed in Jan 2021, an economy to write home about, (less than 2% inflation), gasoline at $2.00+/gal, interest rates at record lows, a secure border with the finishing of the wall on target for that year, the U.S. was energy self supporting with exports in place, and the U S was respected around the world. Coming off of an eight-year tour of Obama failures, all of the above looks pretty darned good. So what did CIC Joe-Joe do? He dismantled all of the above, simply because it had Trump’s name on the success train that was barrelling down the track. Without any research into what is good for the people and the country, just do it, and he did it. 

So we are living today with the results of the rise of Biden, a demented person who is being paraded around by the likes of Susan Rice (now there’s a winner) and some others who barely know the day of the week we are in. Elections have consequences, and To Republican Leadership in VT and D C: You better be sure things are done right this time, because there is no room at the Inn for any more nonsense. We either make it as the law says, or we are done. – James B. Hall, Center Rutland

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  1. I hope people will step out and gain the courage to speak out, OR they will have to live with the consequence of loosing their Freedom.

    We Americans have taken our Freedoms for granted for so……. long and we have let the radical Marxist/Progressives take over.

    Fear of rejection or not being liked is really just another form of selfishness, because you put yourself, your ego and your feelings ahead of doing what is right.

    Courage needs to be exercised to grow. Take the first steps and see how much easier it is each time. Don’t stoop to their level. Be respectful, but stand for your beliefs! It’s so liberating once you learn how!

  2. It’s kind of a Stockholm Syndrome that has has evolved in Vermont; captive conservatives developing a quiet compliance with their liberal captors. They don’t even see that VOTING can offer an escape hatch!

  3. mass formation psychosis is real what you have posted has pointed it out.
    This is a world wide hoax of the what’s good is bad and what bad is good will end.
    God wins. (it will get worse before it gets better).

    • MFP is not as real as you may be defining it, it is victim blaming. .Generally most of us are not cause for any of this, I think “We the People” are just manipulated and lied to and made to be afraid. As long as you never called anyone selfish about this “lockdown” garbage or never worn a mask. Have you restricted anyone other than yourself over the lies? Just gone along to get along?. Same with getting the Poison kill shot. Some, if not most people ARE too blind to see, some are just down right evil and that’s that. Try this story by a man who is one of the best.


      Never think this is JUST about them lying, it is about Evil totally controlling everything, Just like the Nazi’s wanted to and did pre and during WWII and after. Talk to God, Read a Bible, be more of the family person they DON’T want you to be. Stand up for something more than whether you can go out to a restaurant or not. Care more about your fellow citizen being bamboozled than your new truck payment that you cannot afford. In some respects we are guilty of all of this but in the end it is We the People Vs Evil and because too many people are lazy, vain and greedy this is where we are. Evil loves it when we take our eyes off God and Jesus. As stated before how can you blame a child for what was a lie told to them.

  4. To your point: I have begun to make it a point to wear my MAGA hats. The commies have made everyone afraid to show their (our) colors and this only plays into their hands. Unity counts–stop hiding!

  5. “The more a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it”.
    George Orwell

  6. Fear Not is referenced 365 times in the Bible. Anyone who declares they are a Christian needs to crack open the Bible and start reading. If you belong to a church and your pastor does not tell you the Truth – as written – leave that church immediately and wipe your feet on the way out the door! Do not only speak the Word, Be the Word!

    Isaiah 51:7 – ‘Hear me, you who know what is right, you people who have taken my instruction to heart: do not fear the reproach of mere mortals or be terrified by their insults’
    Isaiah 54:4 – ‘Do not be afraid; you will not be put to shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated. You will forget the shame of your youth and remember no more the reproach of your widowhood.’
    Isaiah 54:14 – In righteousness you will be established: tyranny will be far from you; you will have nothing to fear. Terror will be far removed; it will not come near you.
    Jeremiah 1:8 – ‘Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,’ declares the Lord

  7. I am supportive of your statements. Including diversity in a positive light with out aggression and insults.

  8. In a world of deceit, telling the truth becomes revolutionary act. The more vulnerable you become, the more shrouded is the lords promise. Either we hang together, or we will surely hang separately! But never do anything unethical, immoral or violent. Remember, remember the 8th of November.

  9. The most dangerous place in America is the Womb…65,000,000 abortions…the age of Noah is upon us…let Sanders, Leahy, and Welch hear those fetal heartbeats…vote their supporters out of office…vote against evil…

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