Letters: Public school trends unacceptable

Defeat H106, ‘Academic Freedom’ bill – House Progressives have introduced H106, a bill that violates every student and family in our great State of Vermont. A question to the sponsors of this bill, what happened to parents rights to you folks? Do parents and guardians not matter to you?  This proposal is crazy and completely out of touch with the majority of Vermonters, including liberal democrats around the state. It violates MLK, our Constitution and free-speech.

H106 has as its statement of purpose “to protect the academic freedom of public educators and their right to teach on matters of gender identity and systemic and structural racism.” 

My fellow Vermonters: this bill is too broad. It is irresponsible and it is not necessary to educate children. 

This bill will codify the right of educators, schoolboards, superintendents, teacher unions, and activists to teach our children anything, in any way, with any props and tools that they chose and without regard or respect to your children, and without parental or guardians knowledge or permission. There will be no-opt out provisions either.  This is the plan to cancel parents and take control of our children. Please read the bill: https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2024/H.109  And contact your legislators today. 

This type of education is not the job of our public school education system, it is the parents’ job and responsibility. The progressives do not understand simple separations. We need to educate them all.

I am asking that you contact your local House member and your Senator(s) immediately.  They may have a “super-duper” majority, but “We The People” still have our voices and the right to Free Speech. There are some other components here, for every single parent or guardian. You need to run for your local schoolboard this March or the State legislature in 2024. Lastly a bold statement, you may transfer your child(ren) to another means of education; to an independent or private school or to a Home Study program. 

In the Spring & Summer of 2021, I toured our beautiful state holding CRT-Equity Townhalls, and this is not what Vermonters want in their public schools. I listened to students, parents and grandparents. You have rights, my friends. There are other options coming. Stay tuned. – Greg Thayer, Rutland

Critic of controversial policies runs for Milton School Board – My name is Nicholas Smith, and I am announcing my candidacy for the one-year seat on the MTSD School Board of Trustees. I moved to Vermont in 2016 and have been a Milton resident since 2020. Since moving here, I have been an active member of the community coaching Milton Youth Soccer, umpiring for Milton’s Little League baseball, and am currently vice-chair of Milton’s Development Review Board. My wife and I had our first child in September which has made me seriously consider his future education.

I have been working closely with the community and attending School Board meetings over the past year to understand the school district’s operations, curriculum, and policies. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that behavioral incidents have increased dramatically, and proficiency rates have plummeted significantly since the adoption of the current MTSD’s Vision of Learning. Based on my conversation with parents it is evident they have been ignored by the current School Board and the MTSD administration.

Rather than pushing for unity, the MTSD administration, under the direction of the School Board, continues to propose controversial policies that take time away from real issues and academic excellence. It is my opinion that our school districts resources, and your taxpayer dollars, are not being efficiently managed.

My objective as a School Board Trustee is to provide you, the residents of Milton, with a voice in your child’s education and tax dollar spending. I am committed to spending the time needed to dive into each topic in detail in order to understand all implications, including how it will affect your tax rate. I intend to elevate Board transparency and work with other members of the MTSD School Board to steer the school district back to the fundamentals of education and what really matters to our citizens. I hope I can count on your vote on March 7. – Nicholas Smith 

School choice growing – A recent headline in Epoch Times states public schools lost 1.4 million students since 2020 lockdowns.  If you look at all the school age students, 15 percent are either home schooled or attend charter or private schools.  This trend for school choice is growing. 

Many states are looking at school choice to promote more competition with public schools.  Iowa just passed a school choice bill where money follows the student.  Governor DeSantis in Florida has proposed the same to his legislature.  However, many blue states, controlled by Democrats, either oppose school choice, try to eliminate it if it exists or prevent its expansion.

Teachers’ unions play a significant role opposing school choice.  They always advocate increasing funding exclusively for public schools knowing most will go to teacher/administrator for wages and benefits.  Despite billions spent on public education today, outcomes haven’t improved for decades.  The teachers’ union in blue states are now advocating diversity, inclusion and equity to displace and/or supplement the basic education curriculum of reading, writing, science and arithmetic. 

During the pandemic parents witnessed what schools are teaching and they’re not pleased.  Pushing a political agenda and teaching to the lowest level have motivated many to either flee blue states or use private/home schooling options.    Parents who made these choices are highly satisfied with their decision.

Public education is a failed monopoly.  With the growing public school enrollment exodus parents are seeing education quality improve.  Education is critical for our nation to succeed.  Wokeness promotes mediocrity. Competition promotes excellence.  We get what we accept. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington 

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  1. Re: “Public education is a failed monopoly. With the growing public school enrollment exodus parents are seeing education quality improve.”

    Point of clarification requested.
    The parents exiting the public-school monopoly may be seeing education quality improve. Not the parents condemned to stay in the public-school monopoly.

    Only 40% of Vermont’s public-school students meet grade level standards. And still, 90% of these public-school students graduate.

    • and yet, doesn’t Vermont have the 4th highest per pupil cost?? We ARE NOT getting our moneys worth.

  2. Protect parental choice; run for school board or the Vermont house/ Senate. Good things happen when good people stand up, show up, and speak up.

  3. Must be the legislature is trying to drive parents to a. Move out of state, b. Opt for religious schools, or c. Home school their kids, d. All of the above. That is one way to pare the bloated educational system.

  4. Allow me to very clearly state this: You have the right to disregard any law that you feel is un-Constitutional. Such laws, being illegal, should also be unenforceable. Now, might you end up getting arrested? Let’s use the common example of people who are smart and awake enough to realize masks are useless, and who therefore have never worn one and refuse to now.

    Yes, they will certainly arrest you in some areas, VT included. Probably they’ll just tell you that you need to leave. Expect it. But if they do arrest you, thank them for doing so. Obviously they’ll ask why you thanked them. And tell them, they’ve just given you the opportunity to tell your story and have your situation covered by the media. Ask them if they really want their names and pictures splashed all over the place, thus attracting questions to their chief, who no doubt doesn’t want or need any hassles he didn’t ask for. And then, the City Council will hear about it, which the chief REALLY doesn’t want.

    It’s important, so I’ll say it again: You have the right to disregard any law that you feel is un-Constitutional. Learn the facts. Fight for your rights and freedoms. No town, especially a tourist destination, wants that kind of attention.

    Personally, I’ve always felt Fauxvid-19 was a scam from day one. In fact, whether you are diagnosed as having it or not can be predetermined, Just depends what level of PCR testing the use. Five iterations? Clean. Ten? Clean. But you get up over 20 iterations and they can get a positive result from a golf ball. Still not yet? Add 25 more cycles!!

    Any disease that is real has to pass at least two tests for me. First, it can’t have different results based on how deeply they test. You either is or you isn’t. There’s no “half pregnant”. Second, and at the very least, you need to show me the full alleged genome – what it’s DNA is. And you have to show me three sources from reputable doctors and journals.

    Unfortunate truth: NO ONE has come up with a full, definitive Fauxvid-19 genome. What they did is this. They took a particle that had been chopped into a million pieces by out immune system. Because that’s what it does. Then they took a computer and asked it to answer this question, What the full DNA of this “whatever it is” look like if we had a sample of the entire thing. So the computer uses some programmed software and spits out a full genome. And then, miraculously, they have a genetic shot (NOT a vaccine) all set to “heal” or “protect” you.

    Smells kind of Fauci, er, fishy, to me. That’s what he should be called – Fishy Fauci.