Letters: In praise of electricity / Montpelier ignores Sept. 11, supports legal prostitution

Fossil-fuel powered electricity pulls people out of poverty – Americans are bombarded daily that fossils fuels will destroy our earth and that windmills, electric cars and solar will save the planet. Recent Congressional action allocate trillions promoting this anti-fossil fuel agenda that will raise energy costs, make taxpayers poorer and threaten the fossil fuel industry’s existence.

The green ideologs gaslight the evils of fossil emissions to reshape public policy. They’ve blocked development of new fossil fuel sources, closed power plants, and refineries, and halted infrastructure development. States are also requiring power companies to increase alternative energy sources without understanding the unintended consequences like inability to meet energy shortages and higher gas prices.

Energy producers need to recapture the narrative on how they have reduced emissions and state their successes. Rather than being defensive, the narrative to overcome the green ideologs must be pro-active with compelling examples on reducing emissions. For instance, EEQT Corp. CEO Toby Rice stated his carbon reduction plan would quickly reduce CO2 emissions by displacing coal with natural gas by 2030. These reductions would be equivalent to electrifying 100 percent of U.S. passenger cars, powering every home with rooftop solar and battery back-ups and doubling U.S. wind capacity by adding 54,000 industrial-scale windmills.

There’s more, though, than reducing emissions. Electricity pulls people out of poverty, creates economic opportunity, improves water quality, sanitation, food production and healthcare and is the lifeblood to modern civilization. Energy companies telling a better story presents a better image for the future and discount the false narrative about fossil fuels threatening our planet. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

View from Montpeculiar – Montpelier Alive celebration of Taste Of Montpelier on September 11. Disgusting! Let’s do away with acknowledging December 7th, 4th of July, September 11th and now belittling tax paying residents. BTW if the large United States flag is intimidating to you, DON’T look at it and stay out of BARRE on 9-11!

August 24 Montpelier City Council meeting was also disgusting. As out of state illegal sex workers admonished their situation in life because of society, Channel 3 News showed the helpless woman as a victim of society. The prostitution article in the Times Argus is so progressive one must wonder, when mayor Watson and fellow council member possibly make it to the state
legislature, is their goal is to make prostitution legal in Vermont?

If this new law goes into effect, will sex workers register with Secretary of State, pay federal & state taxes along with liability insurance, workman’s comp, health insurance and FICA? Will they be able to advertise or be treated like the cigarette industry? Vermont will never be the same! A sad day in Montpelier on the 24th! – Maurice Martineau, Montpelier

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  1. The good people of Montpelier may deserve the seeds they have sown. Before they cross over entirely to the abyss, it may be a time for some introspection and reflection where they are headed.
    All extremes are probably not in the self interests of the majority of the populace. VT continues to be dragged along by the tyranny of the minority.- we can only hope at this juncture it is the minority.
    The more I see of this new and improved VT the less there is to like.

    • Montpelier ignores reality. How is this news, Guy? Montpelier ALWAYS ignores reality.

  2. Interesting combination of articles, should have been entitled “Socket to me!”