Letters: Biden economists clueless / Barre wavering on flying flag on 9/11?

Barre flag raised over Main Street for Veterans Day, 2021. Bert Saldi photo

Biden economists clueless – The very unsteady economy has just been made more unsteady and more recession prone by the recent passing of a monstrous spending package by Congress. The results of the action will raise taxes across the board and on top of that more susceptible to IRS audits particularly in the middle class. 

It is beyond comprehension that these Biden handlers do not look at history to see what works and what does not. Jimmy Carter had this country’s economy tied up in knots while he was President, with 20%+ interest rates, gasoline rationing, high prices on everything in the retail market, and was at a loss to correct anything. 

The election of President Reagan turned the economy around, along with cancellation of hamstringing regulations and things turned around rather quickly. Obama’s economic failures were corrected when he left office with a booming economy, which was indicative of a Dow Market flying at 37,000 on 20 Jan 2021. Who will be the one to correct Biden’s mismanagement with subsequent failures manifesting daily, is anyone’s guess. 

Why these Presidents do not utilize the methods and tools that work for the American people is beyond me. In just a short period of time there have been three presidential failures of economic management, and two distinct corrections with the third one to be done. What did Reagan do that worked, what did Bush (1and 2) do, what did Trump do that was so successful to bring about prosperity for all of working America? 

These wheels of success have been reinvented twice in 36 years, with one more to go. Do we not learn from these ups and downs, and where is the logic coming from that produces the downs. I fail to see where this gets the time of day, yet it rules and takes the people down with it. 

Time to play with what works, and forget the nonsense. If it takes a reset at the top end of the spectrum so be it. – James B. Hall, Center Rutland

Fly Old Glory in Barre on 9/11 – Once again the Barre City Council is up to their old tricks. Once again some members of  the Barre City Council want to keep us from raising Our 20 x 30 FT American Flag to commemorate the anniversary and honor the dead that died that day on Tuesday September 11, 2001. 

Tuesday August 16, 2022 I submitted a flag request to our new City Mgr. Nicolas Storellicastro. Nicolas has been out of state so I’ve received no response as of yet. This flag request should be put on the agenda for an upcoming Barre City Council Meeting. Two hours after emailing this request I received an email from Barre City Councilor Boutin. His response was and I quote; “ Brian, I will not be participating in your request to raise the United States Flag for 9/11. Please note previously at a council meeting Samn Stockwell and myself were going to discuss other options for rememberance. Thank you. Michael Boutin “ For those unaware Samn Stockwell is one of two Barre City Councilors for Ward 3. 

What happened to Michael Boutin? Last year at just about this same time I put in the same request to fly this same flag for the same reason and Michael Boutin made a motion that we fly our 20 x 30 FT American flag in accordance to this flag request. It never got a second because 4 of the 4 communist Barre City Councilor’s present refused to second Michael Boutin’s first motion. One of the communist Barre City Councilor’s went so far to comment that she thought Our Flag was divisive, she thought it was intimidating, she thought we had enough flags in Barre City already. What happened to Michael Boutin? Last year a Patriot, this year a coward? Has he gone over to the other side?

Last year Barre City Patriots defied these Communist Barre City Councilors and we raised our flag anyway. We had our flag, we got a big crane and on Saturday September 11, 2021, at 9:11 am we raised our flag to commemorate the 20th anniversary and to honor those who died on September 11, 2001. 

The Communists tried again to keep us from putting up our flag to Honor Veteran’s on Veteran’s Day. At the City Council Meeting on November 2, 2021 our 5 Communist City Councilors unanimously stated they would vote against raising our flag for Veteran’s Day. At the next City Council Meeting Barre City Patriots stood up and Communist Barre City Councilors backed down. We showed up enmasse on zoom and in person and the Barre City Council voted yes unanimously to raise our flag for Veteran’s Day.  

We need to stand up again, Barre City Patriots. This is our City and this is our Flag and if we want to fly it we are gonna fly it. Please go to Barre City’s website to find out when and or if they will put my request on the agenda for an upcoming City Council Meeting. 
Our big, beautiful American Flag is a symbol of freedom. People like the people who sit on the Barre City Council are trying to take away our freedoms one by one, day after day all around our beautiful country. Don’t let them do it to us here in Barre, Vermont! Thank you for your time and consideration. God Bless you all and God Bless The United States of America. – Brian Judd, Barre City

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    • You are RIGHT to question – NO citizen needs permission; it is an innate right. The Board members need to be sued. After that? Spanked like the naughty bullies they are….just keep me out of that part of the equation. Yikes.

    • You can fly the flag on your own property without permission or a request. This flag that he speaks of hangs over Main Street and needs to be put up by city staff. It was flown on the 20th anniversary of September 11th and the council agreed that they would fly it on earmark anniversaries, probably every 5 years. The flag, this same big flag that Brian speaks of is flown over the city, four times per year to honor and give thanks to our men and women of service. September 11th is a day that we all should honor, and the City has decided to work together to come up with a special way to do so. They are not ignoring the day, they are just choosing to not hang the flag on that day, and two instead save it for earmarks such as every 5 years. They voted and unanimously passed to have set in stone, that without a request that the flag would fly on four other holidays.

      • It was Not flown on Main St. to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of 9/11. We got a crane, attached it to the crane and flew it at the end of City Park. The Barre City Council Communists would not vote in favor of us flying Our Flag on Main St. on 9/11/2021. One of the Communist City Councilor’s said Our Flag was; Divisive, Intimidating, and that we had enough American Flags in Barre City. The only thing Divisive in Barre City is our current City Council and our current Mayor. This Flag is a replacement Flag for the Flag that was bought almost 21 years ago to honor those that lost their lives on 9/11/2001. It was for 9/11. Only recently was it flown for other reasons. We successfully got the City Council to unanimously vote to Fly Our Flag on Veteran’s Day 2021 after the previous week the 5 Communist Barre City Councilor’s unanimously voted to Not fly Our Flag. This Flag was specifically purchased to honor those who died on 9/11. So if the city does not allow Our Flag to be flown on 9/11 they are, in fact ignoring the day. There is no reason to not have both. We can simultaneously fly Our Flag on main street and have some type of ceremony at the fire station. I support both. Our 20 x 30 FT American Flag itself is sound to fly and the attachments on both buildings are sound to fly the Flag. A structural engineer signed off on this and the city has this information.

  1. Barre get your act together or be voted out of office! The American flag needs no approval to be flown. I suggest people sue the city for denying a request not applicable. Did it fly a political flag like BLM??

  2. “Barre wavering on flying flag on 9/11” Again ? This is not the Barre I was raised in, and I’ll go out on a limb and state that it is not the Barre that my father was born, and raised in. What kind of American is “intimidated” by an American flag, no mater the size ? Personally,the bigger the flag, the more my heart grows with pride in it ! How long before the statue (Youth Triumphant) in City park is deemed to be unwoke, and therefore in need of demolition ? There was a time when my father, and even I knew the Mayor, the City Manager, City Clerk, and probably most of the City Council personally. Other than the former Mayor Thom Lauzon, there is not even a name which I recognize as a Barre native anymore . All in all, I can say without an iota of second guessing, Barre is now, a great place to be from !

  3. I wonder, who votes for these slugs anyway? Is Barre following the cesspool in Montpeculier? What’s happened to common decency, common sense and the common good of supporting our countries’ flag? Just look at the empty store fronts in Barre or the one’s that turn over all the time. Barre needs to fire these people, especially the one who is afraid of the American flag. What a loser and probably miserable too!

  4. Members of City Council should read “The Man without a Country” by Edward Everett Hale. That short story has had a profound lasting impact on me. I read it in my early teens.

  5. Vote them OUT, this is so sad. The people that died on 9/11 were innocent victims of terrorism, and now we can’t even raise a large flag to remember them? Shame on the Barre council members. SHAME on them. Most of us will never forget.

  6. Brian —— letter sent. Done. Sent at least to all four select members who have a published email address – one doesn’t have any contact information posted on the town site which I believe is a violation of VT law as his constituency MUST be able to contact him/her if necessary. Perhaps this individual, a person who presumably swore an oath to SERVE the public and UPHOLD the Constitution, needs to be reported to the appropriate Vermont agencies?

    HOWEVER, insofar as flying or displaying a US flag on private or public property, there already EXISTS a federal law called: Freedom To Display the American Flag Act of 2006 passed under GW Bush – but there have been others. You should consider looking up these court cases and then simply taking to the street to display your flag with a camera crew in tow to document any unlawful actions taken by Barre in any capacity.

    They are blowhards, nothing more, nothing less. They apparently never got to eat lunch at the “cool kid’s” cafeteria table in high school (providing they actually hold a high school diploma) and they mistakenly feel the “cool adults” are now Communists. LOL! Good luck, though you don’t need any. We’ve ALL got this.

  7. Calling such people “Communist” is itself childish and doesn’t help the overall situation in this country.
    That being said, totalitarianism of any kind seeks to subvert any genuinely democratic process. In Phila. it was a handful of people committing acts of vandalism, tantamount to terrorism, who forced a removal of the statue of Christopher Columbus.
    Antifa is alive and well in VT. Don’t abet them. Reflect on your words. Words are powerful.

    • Sorry: You reap what you sow. Give respect and you’ll earn respect. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…it’s a duck (insert word: Communist), etc. etc.

      A “handful” of people tearing down statues including Columbus in Philly? I witnessed hordes, droves and: LEGIONS all over. Is my TV distorting video images? And the former DERANGED mayor of NYC & his crazed Council removed a Columbus statue as well. Twisted. Discriminatory. Anti-history.

      Lastly, native Vermonters I know aren’t generally afraid of unemployed, basement-dwelling, spoiled, privileged, cowardly white kids from suburbia who cover their faces & hit senior citizens, the disabled, & women with their skateboards. It’s merely a matter of time in this right to carry state.

  8. There is no greater symbol of unity and freedom than the American flag. Why would two councilors try to come up with a substitution? Let’s hope the Barre City Council comes to its senses and realize that denying this request will only guarantee them not being elected again. Many citizens are sick of their arrogant posturing.
    Many patriots should attend the city council meetings and make their voices heard.

  9. According to the United Way, one in every seven Vermonters works for a nonprofit. Barre lost many manufacturing jobs. The State of Vermont and a plethora of non-profits moved in (222 non-profits and 501c registered in Barre) What else is there in Barre? Banks, hair salons, and two Dollar Generals. In other words, Vermont is a grifters paradise. Barre is one city among many that will face the music of it’s own destruction soon enough. The socialist/marxist/communists will face rising violence, rising death rates, and all the other wonderful things that come with the evil of what they have done. They will pay for what they have done. Unfortunately, many decent people will suffer as well. Some of us, a few of us, will do what we can to survive long enough to clean it all up. Pray without ceasing.