Letter: Participate as humans and not political parties

To the editor:

The structure of our governance is not designed to seek true humanitarian goals; instead, it is structured to manipulate for its own collective advantage, which is usually at the expense of humanity. 

John Adams’ concern about a two-party system of governance was justified: it has only created collectives, which remove the focus from individual basic needs, allowing the few to manipulate around natural and universal laws to deprive humanity of its just priority.

We have substituted the humanitarian priority for the foolish notion that we need representation, when all representation does is to divide us into political collectives of special interest, each seeking only their own advantage!  

We merely need to participate as humans, not as political parties! 

Lynn Edmunds

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  1. What a neat concept…to participate in our government as humanitarians instead of our own selfish wants. Bravo for even bringing up the much needed subject. Time to follow the money and vote for REAL human beings!

  2. A candidate’s stated affiliation or caucus is protected free expression and free association.
    However, a good first step to rise above the two-party duopoly we have is to absolutely prohibit any labeling on the actual ballot that notes any such association.

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