Letter: Elect accountable School Board

By Brad Kennison

In March, Essex Town voters were tasked with electing Selectboard members to fill the one year and three-year terms. The final tally made it abundantly clear that voters selected members who would be accountable to taxpayers and be representative of the majority.

Now it’s time to shift gears with the April 12 vote for Essex school board elections and budget decision. As with the selectboard election, a paradigm shift starts with electing school board members who will mandate the administration focus on math, science, literacy, and teach students to be critical thinkers. We can no longer tolerate our tax dollars being used to promote victimhood, oppression, race-based education, transgenderism, and bi-sexuality which are woven into the daily curricula without parents’ consent.

In the field of school board candidates, Laura Taylor’s platform would be a detriment to students, parents, and the school district. She does not believe in differing opinions and supports a very progressive agenda, like what I mentioned above.

Ms. Taylor unequivocally stated in the Rights and Democracy Forum that, “our students are not okay.” Is it any wonder with the emotional, psychological, and physical trauma students have been subjected to under this administration?

Since April 2021 she has engaged in personal and public attacks on EWSD school board member Elizabeth Cady for expressing opinions that differ from her own, even filing a formal complaint only a few short weeks after Ms. Cady’s election by Town voters, who desired a different voice at the table. This was a clear attempt to silence Ms. Cady because she represents a view that does not dovetail into Ms. Taylor’s extreme progressive agenda.

How can Laura Taylor bring diversity of thought and ideas to the Board when she has displayed such intolerance toward others?

Parents of school children, taxpayers, and the Essex community deserve better!

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  1. Normally, I’d be promoting School Choice about now. But that issue is in Vermont’s Federal and Superior Court and will, hopefully, soon be resolved. In the meantime, I’m going to reverse my opinion that running for the school board is a waste of time.

    At the very least, the taking over of school boards by patriotic conservatives will give the progressive left a taste of their own medicine. Eliminate CRT and gender-based instruction of little kids. Pledge allegiance to the flag of the U.S.. Don’t fly any other flags. Allow prayer. Teach civics and constitutional law. And, most of all, require merit-based instruction of reading, writing, arithmetic, and science – and hold students and teachers accountable for successful outcomes, or the kids don’t graduate.

    And when the progressives go ballistic because their rights are being infringed upon, offer them School Choice tuition vouchers so they can choose the school that THEY believe best meets THEIR needs.