Lefavour vies to be Vermont’s first Libertarian state senator 

Dexter Lefavour of Middlesex is on the November ballot for Washington County State Senate with a Libertarian/Republican nomination. 

The Washington-1 District includes all of Washington County plus Braintree, Orange and Stowe.

Lefavour has run for office several times, always as a Republican. He was stunned to see 22 Democratic candidates for Senate were unopposed after the primaries. 

“Twenty years of Democratic control of our legislature have caused deep harm to our economy and people,” Lefavour said. “We need diverse candidates to step up and stand up for everyday Vermonters.” 

Lefavour worked with both the Libertarian and Republican party leaders to recruit candidates to run against these unopposed candidates. In the end, he felt obligated to run as well. After a successful Republican write-in and Libertarian nomination, Lefavour says: “I have the privilege on appearing on the ballot with the support of both parties. It is indeed a privilege, and it will be an honor to serve this district in Montpelier.”

Lefavour lives in Middlesex with his wife Carol. They have four children that have completed public schooling in Vermont and are living their lives near and far. He is a Registered Professional Engineer (civil/environmental) with “side hustles” in farming, skiing and snowboarding and sawmilling.

His campaign platform focuses on:

•    Affordability – especially as it relates to lower income people like young people entering the work force and retired people on reduced incomes. Vermont needs to be friendlier to these groups, and more affordable to all.

•    Bridging the partisan divide – listening to and reaching out to all Vermonters while being a reasonable voice for balance in Montpelier.

•    Practical policies with respect to energy/climate, health care, education, and the environment. Current policies have progressed into extreme and non-sensible practices. 

“Efficiency Vermont is my favorite example of how well intended ideas have led to regressive taxes and fees that benefit wealthier people at the expense of lower income people,” Lefavour said. “Advocates of these policies do not apologize – they insist they know what is best for all, even when that means taking food off the table of the poor to promote renewable energy and electrification. We can promote renewables and protect the climate with sensible and affordable policy.”

“Sensible agricultural policy is also a priority of mine. Policies that level the playing for farms of all sizes. Policies that eliminate the barriers to entry for young and small farmers. Policies that include no mandates. Policies that make the Agency of Ag an education partner rather than a regulatory overlord.”

For more information contact Dexter Lefavour for Senate, 42 Dolan Road, Middlesex, Vermont 05602, 802-279-3257, www.dexter4vt.com, lefavourvt@gmail.com.

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