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Last Smugglers Notch stuckage/ Teen died of gunshot to torso/ Montpelier fire not suspicious (yet)

The Vermont State Police November 1 were alerted to a prohibited vehicle in Smugglers Notch, a popular mountain pass in Cambridge. Troopers quickly arrived at the scene to find a tractor trailer obstructing the roadway.

The operator of the truck was identified as Shakur Awfarah, 44, an employee of Sagal Transport LLC. According to Awfarah, he had been following his GPS instructions when he inadvertently ended up stuck in Smugglers Notch while heading north.

Recognizing the violation, police issued multiple tickets to Sagal Transport LLC for bringing a prohibited vehicle into Smuggler’s Notch, as well as for impeding traffic. To assist with the situation, Elite Towing was called in to help remove the stranded tractor trailer.

Smugglers Notch was closed for the season shortly thereafter.

Prohibited vehicles in Smuggler’s Notch pose a significant risk due to the narrow and winding nature of the road. The area is known for its challenging terrain and limited clearance, making it unsuitable for large commercial vehicles. The incident serves as a reminder for drivers to exercise caution and be aware of restricted areas when navigating unfamiliar routes.

Teen shooting victim died of gunshot to torso – Madden Gouveia, 14, of Shelburne died of gunshot wound to the torso, an autopsy performed on the eighth Vermont victim of a Vermont homicide concluded. 

Police arrested Hussein Mohamed, 14, of Burlington on a charge of second-degree murder. He pleaded innocent in adult court this week and was released to his parents with conditions of a 24-hour home curfew, except for approved visits to school, therapy, medical treatment, and court. 

According to the findings of the investigation, Mohamed was in possession of a handgun at about 7:20 p.m. Monday, October 30 while sitting in the rear passenger-side seat of a vehicle parked outside a home on North Street in Bristol when the handgun discharged, striking Gouveia as he sat in the front passenger seat.

No evidence Montpelier lumberyard fire was suspicious, authorities say – Investigation into the fire that destroyed the RK Miles lumber yard Wednesday night, Nov. 1 in Montpelier has uncovered no evidence to indicate the blaze is suspicious. The origin of the fire is undetermined and the investigation continues, Montpelier police said Thursday. 

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  1. Has no one considered installing an automated truck-detector which triggers a traffic-light and an automated call to police before the “point of no return” which stays red until police arrive? Then a citation could be issued to the trucker with minimal impact to traffic and no towing needed.

  2. By the looks of the trailer rear door he had a pretty bad day BEFORE he got stuck

    • I’m guessing he tried to get over the rock he was stuck against and twisted the trailer.

  3. I’m concerned about the 2nd degree murder charge. As of right now, the info I’ve been seeing points to an accidental shooting which in my mind would not be second degree, but rather manslaughter. Is this intentional, in hopes it won’t stick and he wouldn’t later be charged with manslaughter because of double jeopardy? I’m no lawyer, but if that is the case it would be consistent with the catch and release policies that have been rampant lately.

  4. Let’s see….a black 14 yr old shoots a white kid in the back through the seat of the car, kills him. All occupants knew the gun was loaded. He shoots him. Who knows what was going on in his “mind”. All involvees lie to the cops until they’re outed. Then they say that it was an accident and most people believe them? What if it were a white kid, shoots a black kid, lies until caught. What are our bleeding heart libs going to say then? This “kid” is then released to his home which clearly had no idea what he is doing on any given day of the week. The white kid never goes home, ever. What if this hadn’t happened? Where would that stolen gun have been used? enough

    • Maybe if schools were still allowed to teach basic gun safety and regard guns as useful tools instead of taboo objects to be feared and used for intimidation, little mohammed would have never violated “the Alec Baldwin Rule”…to treat any gun as if it is loaded, and to always keep it pointed in a safe direction. The kid is a menace to society.

  5. If no one is gonna put a bar up, or toll station, or ANY of the suggestions made over the years, can the media do us all a favor and just stop reporting when a truck gets stuck? We don’t care anymore.