Klar: ‘Progressive’ Montpelier taxes the poor, rewards the rich

by John Klar

Many Vermonters are on fixed incomes. The Legislature’s taxation efforts are the opposite of “progressive” – they are horribly “regressive”: they tax the poor and reward the rich.

Senate candidate Klar says poor Vermonters are being fleeced by the Legislature’s ‘progressive’ tax policies.

Vermont’s Net Metering program has added tens of millions of dollars in increased electricity rates yearly to those on fixed incomes to fund inefficient rooftop solar arrays on Vermont homes (rooftop arrays are the most costly, least efficient solar panel application).

Vermont’s EV car program is similarly supported regressively by diverting tax dollars from low-income Vermonters to finance fancy “planet-saving” cars that no regular Vermonter could afford until it is ready for the junk yard. Increased “fees” for registration and other mandated state expenses are a way to increase taxes while calling it something else. Tightening regulations on cars and other vehicles also add more and more costs every year.

Last year the State of Vermont proposed a sales tax on groceries, arguing that the state is “losing revenue” that it should collect and then redistribute to the poor. But this plan, like “universal school meals,” again sucks money from the poorest of citizens and awards it to the wealthiest – how is it “progressive” or “equitable” to deliver free meals to millionaires living in multi million dollar homes?

Taxes on Vermonters have risen faster than their underlying incomes for years – but state salaries increase every year regardless of the plight of voters. More, the state just hires more and more employees. Vermont has nearly twice the number of state and municipal employees as neighboring New Hampshire, per capita. It has nearly the most expensive per student costs of public school in the nation. (And as yet more students flee our failing schools, not a single superintendent is relieved of their expensive duties).

This “systemic oppression” has only grown steadily worse in recent years – the poorer Vermonters get, the more progressives exploit their poverty to extract yet more wealth from them. I have news for Vermonters – this is anything but equitable. This is a disgusting example of government becoming predator rather than servant; oppressor rather than liberator; enemy rather than ally.

Electing people [like Sen. Mark MacDonald, D-Orange] who raise heating fuel prices and tell citizens to just “get a blanket, for C—-t’s sake,” is the reason Vermonters are suffering from huge tax and regulatory burdens that benefit government bureaucrats and their ideological supporters instead of the poor citizens who have trusted them to protect them.

The author is a Brookfield resident, farmer, lawyer, former pastor, and now candidate for state senator from Orange County.

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  1. Does Governor Scott, who is always bemoaning the exodus of the States working age citizens, really think that making this State so expensive for the vast majority of senior citizens through taxation, will help the state’s economy ? The State of Vermont’s “Retirement Division” publishes a list of the States where retirement checks are being mailed to. Young “working age” Vermonters are not the only ones leaving the State. Government is the only entity that I can think of where it is business as usual to go out, and buy whatever you want, and then come back to your boss, and tell him/her “I need a raise to pay for what I just bought”. Setting a budget should be the first thing done before the Legislative session, and then live within it ! If it needs to be adjusted, that should be set by the previous years COLA, and no more than that. That is how responsible citizens handle our finances why shouldn’t our elected representatives be held to the same expectations ?

    • over 4 months to make a 12 month plan……yup thats Vt Legislature and of course “not paid enough” according to most…..I don’t know many jobs one could leave for a third of a year…so LIMIT the session or go to every other year…..and limit it.
      Gov Scott does not want retirees here……65 and older are not valuable for him…..I’m done and thats that…..bye bye Vt

    • It is not only Gov Scott who is causing mind boggling, it is all over this country for the most part with a few exceptions who show up as, BTW, trying to have learned something from past mistakes, and also on the other side of the coin, utilize what works.
      Now, Biden and Leahy have racked up between them close to 100 years of service in the Senate. If they had learned anything in that time, why have they not applied it to good use for the improved well being of the people? Biden’s house cleaning of virtually everything that was bringing success to this nation is one of the dumbest moves anyone could have made. ” Oh yeah, because Trump’s name is on everything that worked, we have to get rid of it”. How stupid is that?
      Just look at the fix we are in, all engineered by the dumb asses who nearly ruined the country
      when the O guy was in charge. We do not learn very well do we. Until we do, it will be tough sledding I am afraid.

  2. They are going to “Break your will” as stated by one David Ismay to the “Vt. Climate Council” as can be seen, at about 8 minutes into the video on youtube titled “25 Jan VT Climate Council David Ismay”..Starting at the top w/Biden’s FIRST executive orders to STRANGLE fossil fuels to his ADMISSION in Tokyo monday about this “Incredible Transition”, they are going to “break your will” and WHO will stand up to them? Their answers are wind, solar & wishful thinking, no hydro in a state with so many rivers and abundant rainfall? No next-gen nuclear small reactors that can use old nuclear “waste”, already “spent”, for the next 200 years? How is it that Quebec heats 80% of their homes electrically yet Vt. heats 80% with oil? Imagine all that heating oil, basically just diesel, refined into gasoline until hybrids replace totally gas powered vehicles? From what I can see total electric cars & buses don’t cut it in a cold & hilly area, just search “municipal electric bus fleets that have failed” & see what happened in Philly, the midwest, & ABQ. Sure we CAN and MUST “transition” & slow/stop polluting, but what about Chinese batteries needing replacement after 3 to 4 years deemed toxic waste? Funding Yuppie programs started (& continues) with VEDA, crazy amounts of Leahy-sponsored “non-profits”, right up to this “Vt. Climate Council” of UNELECTED bureaucrats with the power to drive us all to the poorhouse so what’s next? A return to “Poor Farms” for the ex-taxpayers? VOTE..Vote OUT EVERY “Progressive” & Democrat from top to bottom, and that’s just a start.

  3. ‘Jim Crow’ defines the leadership conditions Vermont tax payers are under, slaves to those who make us subservient to their Leftist socialist narratives. Interesting to see how they are abandoning their constituents in droves this election cycle and the lame excuses given for running …. scared?

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