Ben & Jerry’s supports bill denying parental veto of child’s transgender therapy

Visual commentary by VTUnderground from Vermont Family Alliance flyer

Prop 5 would provide constitutional ‘cover’ for bill kicking parents out of the village, advocacy group says

By Guy Page

Opponents of a bill preventing parents from stopping a doctor giving hormone blockers and other gender-changing drugs to their children are being publicly criticized by Vermont ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s.

Ben & Jerry’s took out a full page ad in the May 25 Seven Days to criticize “social media attacks on legislators over a transgender rights bill.”

The ad appears on Page 2, directly inside the front cover. It doesn’t specify which “transgender rights bill” is causing legislators to undergo social media attacks – but it’s likely referring to H659, a Progressive-led bill that would allow a minor to receive medical treatment for transgender conversion without parental consent.

Every bill in the Vermont Legislature has a succinct Statement of Purpose. The Statement of Purpose for H659 “proposes to allow a minor who identifies as transgender to consent to receiving hormone blockers and other nonsurgical, gender-affirming care and treatment without requiring parental consent.”

The bill cites information from the Trevor Project that 42% of LGBTQ youth considered suicide in 2021, and that transgender conversion therapy reduced the likelihood of teen suicide. 

The bill contains no age restrictions. “Consent under this section shall not be subject to disaffirmance due to minority of the individual providing consent. The consent of the individual’s parent or guardian shall not be necessary to authorize the minor’s access to legally authorized nonsurgical, gender-affirming care or treatment,” the bill says.

H659 was introduced January 18, 2022 and referred to the House Committee on Health Care – where it stayed. But that could change next year, if the bill is re-introduced. The Health Care Committee will have a new chair. Longtime Chair Rep. Bill Lippert is among the almost 50 lawmakers retiring this year. 

The bill did indeed face pushback on social media, including in the comments section on Vermont Daily Chronicle. As sometimes occurs when a bill is deemed too far-reaching even for the current Democratic/Progressive majority, the bill was backburnered, and a face-saving, non-binding resolution was passed instead: JRS 53 affirms that the “General Assembly shall explore all available options to ensure that transgender youth and their families are safe in Vermont to make the best medical care decisions for themselves in consultation with their health care providers.”

Vermont Daily Chronicle earlier this month asked a spokesperson for Sen. Becca Balint (a supporter of the resolution) if “letting youth and their families make the best medical decisions for themselves” meant that parents could overrule a child desiring the gender-changing therapy. No – that language refers only to parents in other who want the therapy for their children but face opposition from state law and regulations, the spokesperson said. 

Bills like H659 will be easier to pass and harder to challenge in court if Prop 5, the ‘reproductive autonomy’ constitutional amendment, is ratified by voters in November, the Vermont Family Alliance says.

The Vermont Family Alliance is educating the public about H659, Prop 5, and other legislation in which “parents are being kicked out of the village” – to quote a headline from their recent flyer. For more information find them on Facebook or email vermontfamilyalliance@gmail.com.

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  1. You would think that those that support such quackery such as Ben and Jerry’s) would get sick, considering the smell of where their heads are located .

  2. They have always contributed to the epidemics of obesity and diabetes…and the mental and moral decay of our society. Does any decent human being need any more reasons to not buy this product?

  3. Another perverted nail in the coffin of the Vermont Family Unit and protecting innocent children. Where is the State Republican Party?

    OH, that’s right, they are for murdering the innocent human lives of babies, so why would they speak up about this perverted practice on young children?

    OH …. I forgot! This is a “social issue.” Vermont Republicans are not allowed take a stand or speak out against “social issues.” It’s a “big tent, all are welcome” thing.

    WAY TO GO Vermont Republican Party! You stick to your “big tent” theory and platform while lives and families continue to be destroyed by the policies of the Uni-Party Culture of Death, Darkness, Perversion and Immorality.

    The consequences are glaring and on your doorstep. Are you too blind, stubborn and arrogant to see them?

  4. Ben and Jerry’s has for a while now been just another faux-progressive wingnut glutton brand, swirling with pride in our big national container of whirled nutty equity-doodle rainbow crunch woke-a-dokeness. Line up at your local diverso-friendly capitalist ice cream stand to salute our intersectionality-aware, enlightened corporate rulers, and grab a scoop today!

  5. Makes me think of that Nathan Hale quote that “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country “; I’m already boycotting Ben&Jerry’s for several of their other positions. Rats! Wish I could boycott them again!

  6. I’ll skip the B&J and support Hershey .I Like there peanut butter cup ice cream better anyways .Support the businesses that don’t undermine our countries freedom ,constitution and family parental rights .

  7. B&J’s/Unilever…..following Klaus Schwabs ‘Great Reset’ to the letter. It’s becoming so obvious who pulls the strings.

  8. Kingdom Creamery makes most awesome IC!! and supports “local”……
    haven’t bought BJ in a long time; and NEVER again….
    share this article; I’m finding most parents of young children have no idea whats going on. Is it r/t lockdown/covid?? who knows, but every parent needs this information…….

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