Klar: A new Door to Freedom

Creative new website offers wealth of detailed information.

by John Klar

I am excited to share a new website which is devoted to educating people about the truth of what is happening in the world, especially efforts toward global control or government: Door to Freedom focuses on efforts by global organizations to reduce protections for individual rights and sovereign nations in the name of rescuing them from health, climate, and other social crises.

Door to Freedom has been launched “to help people make sense of a rapidly changing world, and inform them of efforts by the W.H.O. to govern public health worldwide.” Created and orchestrated by Dr. Meryl Nass, the site employs a group of seasoned writers trained in varying disciplines to focus on specific policy areas. As you might expect, I have contributed in the area of food (and cows!).

In my contribution to Dr. Nass’s new endeavor, I focused on globalist efforts to dominate food production and processing, which is why there is a growing push to eradicate all cows. Though you may visit Door to Freedom for the full article, here is an excerpt:

The WEF, UN and other international entities have targeted the amount of meat humans consume and claim that a major reduction in the number of livestock is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. ….The world’s largest food producers, processors, and retail sellers are joined with governments and NGOs through the WHO, UN, WEF, and a plethora of interconnected organizations, all focused on reducing or eliminating livestock.  They want humans to convert to a state-directed diet comprised instead of synthetic meats, insects, and other food substitutes manufactured by these companies.

Many question whether this group of global industrialists and politicians will “improve the state of the world,” but there is no question that their intention is to consolidate and control global food production and distribution, thereby improving the state of member corporations’ profits. GMO crops and related chemical applications will be increased under pretense of climate rescue; synthetic meats will be favored in government food programs; small farms will be shuttered.

You are invited to read the full discussion of cows and food control at Door to Freedom, but also to learn about a long list of subjects of importance, most of which are interconnected—through the WHO and other global organizations overseen by wealthy corporate “stakeholders” and no elected representatives…

So please invest some time reviewing this new resource, and share it with others!

Stay tuned for more on cows, bugs, and synthetic vat meat made from GMO crops and pork genes spliced with soybeans.

Yours truly with Dr. Meryl Nass at RFK, Jr.’s speaking event at in Hanover, N.H.

The author is a Brookfield best-selling author, lawyer, farmer and pastor. Reprinted from the Small Farm Republic website.

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  1. Hard to take this seriously when they advocate for RFK at the bottom of the page.

    • RFK, Jr. is NOT the “anti-vaccine conspiracy nut” the MSM makes him out to be. In fact, he and all of his children have all been vaccinated. His life’s work (besides the environment & cleaning up polluted rivers) has been defending the rights of vaccine-injured children – BECAUSE in 1986 under the Reagan Administration they passed a Bill that gave Pharmaceutical companies zero liability for vaccines if they injured children…
      When you watch CNN & they tell you the news is “Brought To You By Pfizer” … just know you need to take them literally … Anderson Coopers 12 million / year salary? 10 million of that is paid by Pfizer.
      The MSM will discredit anyone telling the TRUTH about vaccines …. WHY? because it will cost them $billions in profits if you don’t take your experimental mRNA Covid-19 injection like they want you to.

      Will it protect you from getting Covid-19? No. Will it protect you from transferring Covid-19 to someone in your family if you catch it? No. What is the best form of immunity? catching Covid & having natural immunity. This develops herd immunity and decreases the number of variants that getting vaccinated with an experimental mRNA injection caused; it was not an authentic vaccine – you were lied to. If you listen to REAL scientists – like Dr. Meryl Nass, you would not believe everything Big Pharma via CNN & MSNBC & FoxNews bribed spokesmen and spokeswomen (up to 10 million $ /year) told you.

      There were 500 more billionaires added to the list during the Covid Lockdowns. Do you think this was just a coincidence?

      C-19 injections are now associated with an all cause mortality increase of 40% in the USA in 2022 … There is a retired Wall Street executive who use to work for *Blackrock (*who owns half the worlds economy); his name is Ed Dowd and he gives details of how the sudden increase in all cause mortality is DIRECTLY RELATED to the C19 injections.

      A 40% increase in all cause mortality is UNHEARD OF in all history … it is considered a catastrophic event and MSM; CNN, MSNBC & FoxNews did not so much as make a peep to cover this phenomenon following C19 injections.

      I am warning everyone now; do not take anymore C19 Booster shots PLEASE!

      • Is there supposed to be a coherent thought in there? You conflate like five things without making a point. Herd immunity for COVID? I’ll leave you with this RFK quote from the weekend:

        “In fact, COVID-19, there’s an argument that it is ethnically targeted,” Kennedy told a room full of press in a video obtained by the New York Post. “COVID-19 is targeted to attack caucasians and Black people. The people that are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese.”

        The guy hates vaccines because he hates needles because he got Hep C from being an addict, but please tell me more about how you believe that COVID vaccines are causing mass mortality (they’re not)

  2. RFK, jr is way more aware of what’s going on than MSM gives him credit for … The real Scientists & Medical Doctor’s that care about YOUR health happen to be on the side of RFK, Jr. Dr Meryl Nass is a National Hero … you just don’t know it yet.

    MSM ied and framed RFK, Jr as being a “anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist” when in fact, he know more about vaccines than the newly assigned head of the NIAID — Dr. Peter Hotez, that refuses to have a conversation with him.

    The Globalists .. 1% Central Bankers, Davos crowd & WEF whose CEO Klaus Schwab predicts for AGENDA 2030; “You will own nothing & you will be happy!”
    GLOBAL WARMING is the 1% ‘virtue signalling’ the need to depopulate the planet.

    Billionaires that bought our country are using the “Virtue signal” of Global Warming to commit a genocide with the help of philanthropath Bill Gates, the WEF & the WHO (founded by the Rockefeller Foundation); mRNA experimental C19 injections that violated the Nuremberg Code of Ethics.

    Their plan? … if you care to look into it, is to place all of us in “15” sustainable cities” … they call them ~ so we are forced to walk & bike everywhere, while they Globe Trot around the world in their private jets & hoard the remaining Fossil Fuel storage to themselves …

    This is WHY they are lying to the 99% of the world, demanding that THEY decrease THEIR CARBON FOOT PRINT … while they meet yearly in Davos, Switzerland flying in on their personal jets, to discuss HOW are they going to get US ~ the 99% to decrease our carbon footprint…~ while they hoard fossil fuels & make us eat bugs.

    Before we know it UVMMC will have to close for lack of Healthcare workers from vaccine injuries. Canada already has lost 80 Physicians – deceased from vaccine injuries … if you attempt to “google” search this – I will forewarn you the “Trusted News Initiative” founded by the BBC in the Summer of 2019 has every single media site signed on to promote the “Get VACCINATED” narrative … so they discredit any ‘truth’ narrative warning people these injections were not safe.

    They all have made billions to go along with this coup d’ etat; the fear of “Covid-19” pandemic made 500 more billionaires in the world. The need to vaccinate everyone is all part of a plan by Central Bankers to depopulate because the mRNA injections increase our risk of getting cancers, myocarditis & autoimmune diseases.

    Anderson Cooper gets most of his 12 million year salary – $10 million paid by Pfizer … so when you’ve seen a hundred times CNN “Brought to you by Pfizer” they mean this literally. The talking heads on MSM work to promote Big Pharma ~ in particular Liberal media – CNN & MSNBC. If I did not know better, I would suspect they want Democrats to be triple covid vaxxed … so there are fewer of us.

    We now know, people are dying from C19 Vaccine injuries & the MSM has dubbed it Sudden Adult Death Syndrome; SADS. No one finds this suspect?

    … Our news is jeopardized because they get bribed to say what Big Pharma tells them to say (or else they’re let go). MSM hid safe therapeutics (Ivermectin & Hydrochloroquine) from all of us to enforce an EUA of an experimental mRNA injection. A EUA can NOT be enforced if there is a known efficacious treatment … (why MSM lied and said Ivermectin was a horse de-wormer — when it cured Covid).

    We now know the EUA mRNA injection is causing early death of millions around the globe (e.g., blood clots in the form of strokes, heart attacks, thrombotic pulmonary emboli, autoimmune diseases, myocarditis & endocarditis).

    ~ Is anyone else concerned about all the young people in their 20’s & 30’s being found dead in the most vaccinated state in the USA (i.e., Vermont) – a 31 y.o. found in a Burlington Public Park, young people found dead in dumpsters and others on the side of the road (in their 20’s)? … and in the woods? … likely just going on a hike? …

    And going by all the youth dying around the globe … they likely passed from mRNA experimental C19 injections that the FDA knew 10/22/2020 caused these deadly adverse reactions and hid it from the public.

    ~ If Vermont was NOT so apolitical – living happily in this beautiful state – they may want to know that these C-19 mRNA injections are causing myocarditis in young people … children (grade school & high school aged) across the USA. Children are dying in their sleep. But you wouldn’t know about that because MSM News people are not allowed to cover it, or they will lose their job.

    • Why is there a link to a Reddit thread about how Bernie had the election stolen from him in your COVID “evidence”

  3. Why does the article have Rob Roper’s info at the bottom? The commentary is from John Klar’s blog.

  4. My mother is 97 years old.

    Over her lifetime, she has taken every vaccine available in the US, including those for COVID. Everyone in my family, both sides, 3-4 generations, have also been vaccinated for everything available. I got the measles when I was a kid, but my brother didn’t because he got the GG shot. I also missed the Mumps vaccine, but didn’t get the mumps. I am more concerned by what may happen to me and my loved ones if I DON’T take available vaccines than I am if I DO take them.

    97 years old never a day in the hospital.

    I advise everyone who refuses to take the Shingles vaccine to ask anyone who has had Shingles what it was like for them and THEN make an informed choice.

    BTW, Anderson Cooper by dint of birth is worth $200 million dollars without MSN. He ain’t doin’ it for the money.