Don’t be alarmed by armed soldiers and Blackhawk helicopters at VT airport

File photo of Blackhawk helicopters (top) scheduled to land tomorrow at Post Mills Airport (bottom).

A Vermont state airport in Thetford is giving advance notice of a U.S. Army training exercise scheduled for this week.

A Vermont Daily Chronicle reader and blogger sent along this notice from the Post Mills Airport: “The US Army will be conducting brief training exercises at Post Mills Airport on Tuesday July 18 and Thursday July 20.  They will be flying in and briefly landing 4 Blackhawk helicopters at the far end of the runway.

“This will occur around 11 AM on Tuesday and 11 PM on Thursday.  Please do not be alarmed by the noise or the armed men (their weapons are NOT loaded) you might see at the doors of the aircraft.  For the night landing they will be using night vision, so PLEASE no lights!”

Blogger Diana West noted that “this ‘airport,’ by the way, serves hot air balloons and gliders and is little more than a hay field ajacent to other fields, a little league diamond, a small church.” Read her full blog post here.

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  1. Isn’t there always some major calamity directly after some police and/or military training activity in the USA? And then everyone pretends it wasn’t exactly like the training?

  2. The former owner would be screaming to high heaven were he still alive today…

  3. When was the last time this postage-stamp sized airport was utilitzed for military training? There is lots of chatter around the country about seeing military aircraft and equipment shifting around more than normally seen in the past. Staging for something – the last of the ammunition supposably running low? Be prepared and be aware – this may not be a drill in the near future.