Killer-for-hire to plead guilty today

Gregory Davis of Peacham murdered after threatening to go to FBI over oil deal fraud

by Mike Donoghue, excerpt republished from Caledonian-Record

The hired trigger man involved in a cross-county conspiracy to kidnap and kill Gregory Davis, 49 of Peacham five years ago is scheduled to plead guilty to three felony charges on Friday in U.S. District Court in Burlington.

Jerry Banks, 35, of Fort Garland, Col., is due to admit to charges of murder for hire, conspiracy to kidnap with death resulting and engaging in a monetary transaction with illegal proceeds, according to a 9-page plea agreement filed late Thursday afternoon.

The plea agreement notes Banks could see a prison sentence of between about 24 and 30 years, according to a preliminary estimate of the federal sentencing guidelines, which are advisory. The kidnapping with death resulting charge carries a possible life sentence in prison. A presentence investigation report will be filed before the sentencing. Read more

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