Kidnapper raped 16-year-old, stuffed her in trunk: police

The Vermont State Police is assisting federal law-enforcement authorities investigating a kidnapping that was interrupted Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021, at the U.S. border with Canada on Interstate 89.

State police investigators are asking that anyone who saw something out of the ordinary at the Exit 16 Champlain Farms or Maplefields convenience stores in Colchester between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. Thursday contact the authorities.

The kidnapping was reported in Connecticut when the suspect, 19-year-old Christopher Jesus Constanzo, abducted and sexually assaulted a 16-year-old female victim. Constanzo is then reported to have held the victim in the trunk of his car while he drove from Connecticut toward the U.S. border crossing in Highgate Springs, Vermont.

Early Thursday morning, the car, a 2007 green Toyota Camry with Connecticut registration AB 76423, stopped at a convenience in the greater Burlington area, at which time Constanzo removed the victim from the trunk and placed her in the back seat before continuing to the border. This is believed to have occurred at the Exit 16 Maplefields and may have been witnessed by at least one person. That person has yet to come forward, and police are asking that the witness do so as soon as possible.

A store surveillance image from the Maplefields shows a man believed to be Constanzo at the counter at about 3:40 a.m. Thursday.

Constanzo continued with the victim to the border, where Canadian authorities denied entry and ordered the vehicle to return to the United States at about 7:30 a.m. Thursday. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents then questioned the occupants of the vehicle, at which time the victim reported being held against her will and sexually assaulted. Constanzo was taken into custody and is expected to face federal charges. The Vermont State Police is assisting Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) on the case.

Any witnesses to the incident at the convenience store, or anyone who may have information that could aid investigators, is asked to call Detective Sgt. Angela Baker at the Vermont State Police barracks in St. Albans at 802-524-5993. Tips also may be submitted anonymously online at

Photographs of the suspect and the vehicle in question are attached to this release.

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  1. Again – Vermont’s reputation for not prosecuting even violent criminals, particularly if they are of a minority race, proceeds them.

    These crimes & criminals & gangsters not too long ago stayed clear of the Green Mountain State, but thanks to BLM, Bernie Sander’s influence, & the accompanying radical agendas & ideologies of the democrat party that “officially” proclaimed this once safe & beautiful state a haven brimming over with redneck racists & Third Reich enthusiasts. In light of the delusional ascription, VT nonetheless immediately ceased from prosecuting wanton criminals & reputed felons and instead now turns them right back into the very communities they prey upon.

    Vermont better wake up, and now! These people are NOT representative of “diversity”, they are representative of dangerous hoodlums and gangsters coming soon, if not already there, to a VT town near you!

    • Unless you have conversed with said suspect, what evidence do you have that he has ever been in the state before? Your rant is sorely misplaced.

  2. Hopefully we get to send this one back to CT as it sounds as if the kidnapping and rape happened there. We’re already on the hook for having to prosecute and then house far too many criminals from several northeast states.

    This guy sounds seriously dumb though. Did they both have valid passports and proof of Covid vax with them? Only way to enter Canada.

  3. This story shows how, even during the pandemic, Vermont’s spending on marketing to attract tourists from southern New England is paying big dividends…

  4. Can we get a commentn from bj donavans office on this?? I bet old bj wants to give this slug a key to the city!!