Dec. 2 sees daily high in Covid cases – 604

10 times as many daily cases/capita than Florida

Scott backs Biden ‘Winter Plan’

By Guy Page

A record 604 new cases of Covid-19 in Vermont were reported on the Dept. of Health Covid daily dashboard for Dec. 2.

That’s almost one in every 1000 Vermonters, based on an estimated population of 623,000 [source:]. By contrast, the State of Florida (pop. 22 million) had 2266 positive cases on Dec. 1, its most in three weeks. That’s about one in every 10,000 Floridians. Florida is about 60% fully vaccinated, compared to Vermont’s 72% rate.

Today’s dashboard report shows 482, below the previous high of 591 from Nov. 11. 81 people suffering from Covid are currently hospitalized, with 22 in intensive care. 

On Dec. 1, 17,215 tests were reported, the fifth highest total ever.

Commissioner Mark Levine said Thanksgiving gatherings are likely contributors to the Dec. 2 high case rate. 

* * * * * *

With his mass vaccination plan apparently dead or at least interrupted by federal court injunctions, President Joe Biden yesterday announced a COVID-19 Winter Action Plan emphasizing increased access to voluntary vaccination, treatment such as monoclonal antibodies, and testing. Biden also “called on” businesses to impose their own employee mandates. 

Not surprisingly, pro-vaccination Governor Phil Scott backs the plan, as shown in this statement released yesterday:

“President Biden today outlined a strong plan to confront COVID-19 that will help the country keep moving forward. Like Vermont’s current policies, it strongly prioritizes vaccines, boosters and testing. I share the President’s commitment to progress by prioritizing what we know will work best, which are not the broad restrictions of 2020, because we need to be able to bring Americans and Vermonters along with us 20+ months into the pandemic.

“We are in a much different place today than we were a year ago with incredibly safe and effective vaccines for those five and older, boosters available to maximize protection, advanced therapeutics and more. This pandemic is still being driven by the unvaccinated, and it’s more important than ever, as we head into the winter, to prioritize these proven strategies that work best, as we have in Vermont.

“Vaccination efforts, significantly expanding access to at-home testing, exporting Vermont’s ‘Test to Stay’ program across the country to keep kids in school, and other initiatives outlined today are how we’ll continue moving from pandemic to endemic management of this virus.

“The President’s focus and commitment is appreciated. My team and I look forward to our continued work with him and his Administration to make progress, keep Americans safe, the economy open and our country moving forward.”

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  1. “Incredibly safe and effective vaccines “? Can you actually say this with a straight face? They have killed many and caused much harm to countless people. As they neither prevent infection with COVID nor prevent transmission, I’m a little confused by your concept of “safe and effective “.

    • The vaccines haven’t been shown to be safe or effective. It’s all simply presumption, the new standard in science, presumably!

  2. “Biden also “called on” businesses to impose their own employee mandates.”

    Where are the lawsuits/legislation making companies liable for death/disability claims if they force employees to take a “vaccine” for which there are no long term studies? This is illegal/unconstitutional in so many ways…

  3. Just going by the VAERS reporting system (others like Steve Kirsh have done analysis and claim much higher numbers than vaers) the Covid 19 vaccines have killed more people than all other vaccines in the past 30 years. Safe? I don’t think so. Effective? That’s a joke. My question is why cheap and readily available drugs (ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine) that have been proven to work in Early treatment have been black listed by hospitals and politicians. Well, I already know the answer. God help us.

  4. The governor keeps saying “safe and effective”, is this guy being sheltered from the real world outside of Vermont? My God, these injections are neither. There are no long term studies and not enough time has elapsed to claim any of this. And now, to inject an unproven, emergency drug into children is beyond rational thinking and may prove to be very harmful. The governor is in his 60s and maybe not worried about consequences. The same for 80 year old Fauci and 79 year old Joe.

    Employers are opening their own can of worms because they are not immune to massive lawsuits resulting from forced vaccine mandates onto employees just to keep their jobs. We will be reading about these in years to come. If you are a business owner and you follow the guidance of the three above you may regret the taking of poor advice as you may lose everything you’ve worked for. Lawsuit penalties for medical negligence care are expensive and never ending. The investigations about who knew what and when will eventually happen. Other proven treatments are being ignored and forbidden. This is the slippery slope for many. Like criminals who keep at it until they face the music thinking they would never be caught. And for those who step up to get the injection will have to worry for years to come about what can result from their decision and the decision to submit their children to the vaccine madness.

  5. Since the “Incredibly safe and effective vaccines” comment was covered above, and is also laughable, I want to focus on another comment in Phil’s statement. “This pandemic is still being driven by the unvaccinated”. When is this segregation by our government going to end. It is so wrong and unconstitutional. Think for a second if he was saying “This pandemic is still being driven by the blacks” or “This pandemic is still being driven by the illegal immigrants” or “This pandemic is still being driven by the Jewish” or “This pandemic is still being driven by the Muslims”. It’s so wrong to be singling out segments of society as wrong or evil for their medical choices or the way they choose to live. When are we going to stand up to this?

  6. re: “10 times as many daily cases/capita than Florida”

    Over what period of time is this the case? One day? One week? One month? One year?

    • If I’m reading this report and interpolating correctly – that “By contrast, the State of Florida (pop. 22 million) had 2266 positive cases on Dec. 1, its most in three weeks”, the period in question for Vermont can be presumed, I suppose, as also being over the last ‘three weeks’.

      I defended VDC’s recent headline that [Covid kills more vaxxed Vermonters than unvaxxed for third straight month] as not being misleading. But, in this case, to have to presume the time period for Vermont’s Covid case citation, especially in light of the previous brouhaha, is disappointing.

      After all, while Vermont may have ten times the reported cases over the last three weeks, for the duration of the pandemic to date, these are the numbers. Make of them what you will.

      Vermont Florida
      Population 643,077 21,944,577
      Cases 51,134 3,695,641
      Deaths 416 56,667
      Cases/Capita 7.95% 16.84%
      Deaths/case 0.81% 1.53%
      Deaths/capita 0.06% 0.26%

  7. Cases? So how many are actually symptomatic and not just positive on some phoney baloney test? They never tell you that VERY important part.

  8. Today’s comments are yes, very good. It must be pointed out, however, that our Governor is not a brilliant source of light. We are fortunate in VT that we can show the current occupant in the Gov’s mansion the door although we seem to miss the opportunity too often.

    • Vermont needs true conservative politicians elected. The problem is with the two party system and the massive dem/prog voting block. The last election for governor fielded a Democrat so far out in left field that a RINO was the better option. Republicans need to nominate someone who is fiscally conservative and moderate concerning hot button issues.

      • I think we need truly “liberal” politicians who are grounded in the Constitution to protect the “contract” of liberty and justice for all. Democrats claim to be “liberal” and “progressive”, but they are dogmatic tyrants and regressive on natural and God given human rights. Andrew Oleksiw (I don’t know who he is or where he is) wrote an interesting essay on “Natural Law Liberalism, an Idealogy for the Republican Party.” It’s worth reading! Don’t ever surrender your souls to you the totalitarian slave masters who pose as “good people”! One only need to look at Australia now and Austria later in the winter when they continue to “imprison” people who have done nothing except to want control what is injected into their bodies.

  9. Here’s a significant turn of events worth watching. In its most recent report, for the month of November, the VT DOH data shows that while the unvaccinated are more likely to be infected and hospitalized by Covid, they are, for the last two weeks, less likely to die from the infection.

    There are several explanations for this significant change in the data on which I can elaborate. But the point to consider at this time is that those who don’t want to be vaccinated aren’t the danger to society the progressive liberals in the legislature make them out to be. Perhaps the progressive liberals in the legislature are just as much a danger as anyone.

  10. Control the language….control the narrative.

    “Pandemic of the unvaccinated ”

    “Safe and effective ”

    “Vaccine ”

    “Pandemic ”

    “Safest most secure election ever”

    “The big lie”

    “Black lives matter ”

    “Insurrection ”

    “Mostly peaceful riots”

    “Muslim ban”

    “Undocumented immigrant ”


    “Assault rifle”

    “Domestic terrorist ”


    I could go on and on……..