Joke? – Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire are on a Road Trip

BY STEVE MACDONALD / Republished from Granite Grok

Four guys are on a road trip, one each from Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. After a few hours, the Mainer announces that he’s had it and opens the car window.

Steve MacDonald

He reaches into a bag at his feet and starts tossing potatoes out of the car.

The others look at him as he says, “these things are everywhere in Maine. I’m tired of them. I want them gone.”

No one says a word and they drive on for a while longer when the Vermonter opens his window and starts tossing bottles of Maple Syrup out of the vehicle.

“These darn things are everywhere, he says, I’m, sick of them.”

Without missing a beat the guy from New Hampshire opens his door and tosses the guy from Massachusetts out of the car.

Steve MacDonald edits Granite Grok, a New Hampshire news and commentary site.

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