April 10, 2020: GOP Gubernatorial candidate John Klar is urging Vermonters to contact their local CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) to order food early for the 2020 growing season. Also, Vermont’s dairy farms and craft breweries can be supported by drinking milk, eating local cheese, and choosing local brews. Klar says “Drink Milk!” “Eat Cheese!” “Drink Beer! (moderately)”

CSAs are a valuable asset to local consumers, and will contract to grow and supply quality local produce, meats, and dairy products at ideal times throughout the season. In turn, local consumers are the lifeblood of CSAs.

Some CSAs are adapting their policies in the face of the COVID-19 threat. Vermonters are advised to contact them — and contract with them — early. This supports local agriculture while helping farmers better plan for the year.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets maintains a directory of Vermont CSAs, as does NOFA-VT (Northeast Organic Farming Organization of Vermont). It is a win-win for citizens to contact their local CSA or farmer early, as it will help consumers secure reliable high-quality food while maximizing the support of these vital local producers, especially if Farmer’s Markets remain restricted due to COVID-19.

Klar is also alerting Vermonters to the importance of supporting the state’s local cheese and craft beer producers, who have suffered a sales drop due to the pandemic. The Vermont Cheese Council maintains a Direct Sales Directory for consumers to purchase directly from these important businesses.

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Vermonters are encouraged to purchase milk, Vermont craft beers and artisan cheeses, to support Vermont farms and businesses during this extraordinary crisis. (It is not advised to drink beer and milk together, though either goes well with cheese.)


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