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Jewish group plans protest at Ben & Jerry’s

Jewish Communities of Vermont (JCVT) will rally 11 AM Sunday to protest Ben & Jerry’s recent decision to eliminate product sales in Israel’s West Bank. The rally will take place at the Waterbury factory along route 100. Parking will be available on location.

Last week Ben & Jerry’s announced it would no longer sell ice cream in the disputed territories of the West Bank of Israel, which its July 19 statement termed “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” As reported July 26 by Vermont Daily Chronicle citizen columnist Peter Fernandez, the president of the company’s board of directors is Anuradha Mittal, an outspoken anti-Zionist activist and supporter of the Boycott/Divest/Sanction movement.

“There are hundreds of ways that Ben & Jerry’s could use their influence to help Palestinians and Israelis find ways in which to work together for peace, safety, and security,” a JCVT statement issued Thursday said. “Join us on Sunday as we attempt to convince B/J to move forward with positive solutions, not boycotts.”

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  1. But, but, but I always glean all my social & political information and make my life’s decision through an ice-cream manufacturing company.

    Now what will I do?

    GO ISRAEL! There.

  2. Two old hippies that should stick to making millions by selling ice cream. Hey, that’s it ! How about a new flavor ? We’ll call it “2 Old Hippies” ! A finger of cannabis, a hint of LSD, in chocolate ice cream, topped by whipped cream, and a lude ? Or, maybe “Crunchie Flatlanders” ? Pistachio ice cream with real pistachio nuts, carrots, and broccoli, and Maple syrup ! Yum !!! Yup, I’ll probably never make it as an Ice Cream flavor engineer, and should stay away from that, but I can think of a couple of old hippies that should stay out of politics. Oh yea, I almost forgot, there is the 3rd old hippie that looks remarkably like Larry, (you know, Larry of the 3 Stooges) Beanie Sanders. How about a new taste sensation in honor of Vermont’s favorite Flatlander ! We’ll just call it B.S. ! That’s an easy one, and in Vermont it ought to be real cheap ! That would be a paper bowl full of bovine manure . And if you like his manure, seconds are on the house !

  3. OMG, what will people in the West Bank do without Ben and Jerry’s products? I have done well without them for, well, forever. I boycott products that involve themselves in politics that I disagree with and that have been founded by opportunistic, phony hippies who exploit a state’s marketing benefits to sell an unhealthy product and market it as virtuous. I dont do business with opportunistic, phony, hypocritical hippies from New York City who market a product as promoting peace and understanding, and then sell out the brand to the largest multinational food conglomerate on the planet. People who care about the attempted left wing takeover of the US should have already STOPPED BUYING this product long ago. Ben and Jerry’s deliberately immerse themselves in politics. Chik-fil-a was immersed in politics without their consent, by radicals who dont like the charitable contributing habits of the family that own the business. If you want to make a statement with your dollars, stop buying Ben and Jerry’s, stop using facebook and twitter and stop buying through Amazon!!!

    • @Rich

      Exactly. I had already stopped buying B&J after they jumped on the Resist bandwagon and hated on Trump and supported the athletes “taking a knee” among the latest in their SJW endeavors. Now I’m also boycotting Unilever products; they ARE ultimately responsible for what B&J says and does.

    • @allaninvermont

      Exactly. B&J is perfectly happy to sell to any and all countries no matter how extreme their human rights abuses but the one Democratic country in the Middle East? The one where both Arabs and Jews actually do live together, work together, shop together and all the rest? The one in which gays are safe from persecution? Too Jewish I guess.

  4. While JCVT appreciates the support for the rally Sunday, we would like to correct the quote attributed to the organization that I cannot find the source for. Our statement on Thursday said the following:

    JCVT is sponsoring a rally on Sunday in support of working together and building bridges for all those supportive of peace and justice for all touched by the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

    We know that people hold strong views related to Israel and hope to offer a uniquely Vermont voice to encourage support for all those groups and individuals working constructively for the shared goal of peace and understanding in the region.

    We want to stay away from blame or presumptions and instead aim to raise awareness of the following:
    1) We support and share with Ben & Jerry’s the goal of peace and justice for all in the Middle East
    2) The perception of any relation of this decision to the BDS movement is problematic due to the antisemitic tenor of statements from BDS leaders.
    3) Boycotts in Israel benefit no one, and particularly harm Palestinian workers and the shared work culture that brings diverse communities together.
    4) The timing of this announcement set back efforts of the new government of Israel to set a new, more cooperative tone in the region.
    5) Most importantly, we want to encourage support for the many groups and individuals working constructively for peace and justice in the region.

    I know I personally am tired of the blame and finger pointing that surround the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and want to support constructive efforts for dialogue, connection, peace, safety and security.