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Jan. 6 Hearing Review: A Tour De Force That Demands To Be Seen On The Largest Screen Possible

January 6th Hearing (2022) / Directed by Bennie Thompson / Drama/Horror – R – 6h 39m

Review by The Babylon Bee

The latest Democrat drama January 6th Hearing, the hotly anticipated sequel to Impeachment 2 and Mueller Report: The Reckoning, aired on TV screens for the first time last night, and I am happy to report that it met—nay, EXCEEDED—my wildest expectations.

I am still shaking and soiling my trousers hours after the credits rolled—it really was that horrific.

Over the course of several hours, we learned that some rioters tried to destroy our democracy by entering the Capitol Building and taking selfies and putting their booted Nazi feet upon Nancy Pelosi’s sacred desk. We learned that some of them broke a window and used bad language—even the “f-word!”. One of them wore a buffalo hat and face paint that made him look like the demon who haunts my sleep paralysis dreams. And then, to cap it all off, when they were done, they went out for tacos. TACOS! 

The camerawork was masterful. The dialogue was sharp and poignant, delivered with the classic monotone cadence of a bored politician. Liz Cheney was a standout here. I fully expect her to be nominated for a Golden Globe, an Oscar, and Teen Choice Award. The revelations pierced me through to my very soul, scrambled up my insides, and made me throw up all over the floor several times.

Above all, the hearings proved one thing: the Republicans are mean and yucky and we must donate all our money to help the Democrat politicians win their reelection campaigns this year. If we do not do this, the Republicans will murder our holy democracy. 

January 6th Hearing is a masterpiece—a tour de force that demands to be witnessed with friends on the largest IMAX screen available. Call on your local theater to show the hearings in every time slot around the clock forever. Democracy hangs in the balance. Walk—no, RUN—to your nearest IMAX and see this—you know—since you can’t afford gas to drive anymore.

5 out of 5 stars

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  1. One fact, not included in their narrative, is that the person or at least one person who broke windows was a BLM and Antifa member. These details were confirmed in the court records. His name is John Sullivan. I read the court documents about his arrest and the bat, as he brokeany windows. I seriously doubt he was convinced. Other facts I am sure they did not reference was the fact that the Capital police opened the doors and let people in. This was captured on video. In Addison, a large white van showed up and men in black cloths we’re excorted to the Capital by the Capital police. This was also caught on video.

  2. The Dems, should have had the hearings on “The View”. I’m sure that the ‘ladies” of “The View” would be at least as interesting, and impartial in their investigations, prosecution, and rulings as Liz Cheeny, Adam the cry baby Kinsinger, Bennie Thompson, Jamie Raskin and the rest of the Loony Tunes cast. The Cavalry is coming. (and non too soon)

  3. And you never will hear or see evidence that points to any thing or anybody but Donald Trump and MAGA, that does not feed their agenda. Trump is living large in their heads, rent free !

  4. So…are our tax dollars paying for tv time??? the thing was on every channel….and of course I DID NOT watch the thing……it is so “OJ” didnt watch that either…..thanks for the play by play Babylon Bee!!

  5. Did Flimsy Graham’s order to shoot the Jan. 6th demonstrators lead to Ashley Babbitt’s death?

  6. The lamestream, media drills the term “insurrection” into the mind of America, but let’s be real…at worst it was merely an ATTEMPTED insurrection. Does anyone really believe that a temporary takeover of the Capitol building and interruption of the business of the Legislative Branch would have changed the presidential election process? It was a RIOT, not unlike the BLM riots that destroyed countless Black-owned businesses. It was an attack on the Legislative process in the same way that the siege of the Federal Courthouse in Portland Oregon was an attack on the Judiciary Branch proceedings, temporarily interrupting the business of the people there. A real, one-man insurrection was prevented when an alleged assassin was discovered threatening the life of a Supreme Court Justice in a closely divided court that could well have changed the balance of power in that body and affected the outcome of monumental decisions into the future.
    Trump merely encouraged lawful and peaceful protest. Meanwhile Sen. Schumer, the leader of the Legislative Branch of Govt stood on the steps of the Supreme Court and directed his vile and inciteful threats to two members of the highest court in the land, a court which is supposed to be completely unresponsive to the will of the people, and only defer to the Constitution. If not for the double standards pervasive in our government and media, Schumer should have been thrown out of the Senate for his incendiary and inappropriate remarks, which threatened the separation of powers. Shame on him.

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