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IT’S ON! Charlie Kirk to expose CRT Marxist roots tonight

Cultural Marxist ‘canceling’ moves event CLOSER to UVM students

By Guy Page

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk will bring his Exposing Critical Racism Tour tonight to the DoubleTree by Hilton at 870 Williston Rd., South Burlington. 

Doors open at 6:30 pm, and “we highly recommend arriving early to ensure seating,” a TPUSA eventbrite notice says. Attendance is free, and Eventbrite and online reservations made for Kirk’s speech will be honored despite the change in venue made necessary by cultural Marxist attempts to “deplatform” i.e. silence Kirk’s efforts to speak directly to a group of college students. 

Kirk plans to speak on the Marxist roots of Critical Race Theory. As seen in this recent TPUSA video, Kirk is calling Americans – especially college students and teens – to oppose cultural Marxism with courage.

“The thing we are missing, that all of you are playing a role in fixing every single day, is courage,” Kirk told a large group of young people. “Courage is lacking in our country unlike any other time that I personally have seen.”

The South Burlington venue was announced this morning at 7:50 AM. The original venue, the Hilton on Battery Street,  in Burlington, cancelled under pressure from the cultural Marxist group CopWatch pressured them. CopWatch, which has planned a march to tonight’s event, has explicitly said its goal is to “deplatform” Kirk – i.e. deny him a platform from which to speak. 

Despite being located in another municipality, the forced relocation of the event may have actually helped provide the TPUSA Exposing Critical Racism Tour with more access to the UVM students it seeks to attract. Not only did it bring the event extra publicity, it also brings it closer physically to most UVM students. The Double Tree is only half as far from UVM residence halls as the downtown Battery Street Hilton. 

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  1. No No No! It’s NOT “marxism”, it’s “socialism”, remember the “Union Of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics”? Socialism is Marxisms well-dressed cousin who slides in past the doorman, and teaching the kids to “oppose Marxism” is EASY..Just tell them that THEY work and OTHERS get their money, “each according to his needs” as they used to say. And like they wrote in their “Green New Deal” manifesto (now hidden) WE shall provide for those “unable or unwilling to work”..Throw in a 5 minute video of the wonders of “socialist” (totalitarian) countries like the paradises of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc. and young minds will get the message. Maybe present a 2 hour Bernie Rant too and wake them when it’s over, nothing like an arm-waving geezer railing about corporate evils to ensure deep REM sleep. Or treat them to a “lecture” by Noam Chomsky the master hypnotist & “linguist”, THAT is always a great ice-breaker.” Workers Of The World UNITE! Zzzzzz.