Israeli airstrike destroys Planned Parenthood abortion center

by Steven Ertelt for

As Israel seeks to defend itself from the Hamas terrorist attack launched against it over the weekend, the Middle Eastern nation has launched its own counterattack on Hamas radicals in Gaza.

As a result of one of the airstrikes, the world’s biggest abortion business lost one of its centers, located in the Gaza strip section controlled by Palestinians.

“On 8 October, PFPPA’s only center in Gaza was destroyed following an Israeli airstrike to an adjacent building,” the abortion giant said.

The Planned Parenthood abortion business has sent out an emergency alert to its supporters asking for donations and complaining that women who can’t get abortions would be “forced to give birth.”

When war strikes, much of the world prays for peace and an end to the violence. But during the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorists, the International Planned Parenthood Federation promised it will do everything possible to add to the count of victims by killing more babies in abortions. After the destruction of its facility, Planned Parenthood is vowing to ensure abortions for Palestinians.

As the global abortion giant seeks to make certain that the intentional killing of preborn children continues unimpeded, Human Life International responds to the tragedies in the Middle East in a much different manner.

Father Shenan J. Boquet, President of Human Life International, the world’s largest pro-life and pro-family apostolate, released the following statement:

“The International Planned Parenthood Federation, the United Nations Population Fund, and other large multinational population control agencies are not wasting this opportunity to make their ‘services’ available. These organizations see having full and unhindered access to contraception and abortion as a ‘right’ that must be protected even during a war. As some activists have said, ‘Never waste a good crisis’ in order to implement measures that would not be possible unless the world’s attention is focused elsewhere on war or other tragedy.

We saw the same mentality exhibited by these groups during the recent pandemic. They promote the message that access to so-called ‘reproductive rights’ is essential. Sadly, it is no different during wartime; after all, they claim, women and girls, because of the war, are now faced with challenges accessing contraception and abortion.

These organizations believe that the mental and physical stress of welcoming a child under such conditions is simply unacceptable. This discredits the memory of the many generations which have done just that, courageously continuing to live, love, and raise families despite the worst conditions imaginable, a true demonstration of what the human spirit is capable of. Throughout the turbulent history of the Middle East, the peoples of Israel and the surrounding nations have continued to endure despite all obstacles, even the ravages of war.

Promoting the false doctrine that abortion is a critical need during wartime shows how far we have fallen from a universal respect for every human life – men, women, and children, including those yet born. At Human Life International, we pray for an enduring peace and for real help for the people of both Israel and Palestine.”

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  1. “The Planned Parenthood abortion business has sent out an emergency alert to its supporters asking for donations and complaining that women who can’t get abortions would be “forced to give birth.”’
    That evil statement speaks volumes…It is a glaring admission purpose statement of international PP that live is not precious and that no one should be ‘forced to give birth’ ?! Their preference is to abort life rather than support life, even in the midst of war and promise to continue the killings post-war. We surely live in a decadent and ever downward spiraling world. Pro-abortionists have already reserved their eternal abode.

  2. So Hamas has murdered many innocent Israeli babies but Israel has managed to put a Gazan abortion facility out of business. This will likely result in many Gazan babies being born thanks to the Israelis. Cruel irony really. Hope those babies are thankful for their lives.

  3. Interesting conundrum. While the MSM screams about beheaded babies, the DNC’s favorite go-to-fund me, Planned Parenthood, is doing similar dismemberment pieces at a time. I guess it only matters what soil you are standing on at the time. I wonder if they are starting to feel boxed in by their own debauchery and fraud yet?