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Is Dartmouth Health Pediatric Clinic destroying kids’ sexual future?

by Steven Scaer, Granite Grok

Is Dartmouth Health’s Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Health Program destroying children’s future fertility and sexual function by administering puberty blockers to 10-year-olds?

“You can introduce [puberty blockers] at age 10 and a half as all of a sudden puberty is about to explode on this child,” said John Turco, MD, director of Dartmouth Health’s Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Health Program at an October 13, 2021 presentation. “It doesn’t mean you’re saying this is clearly a transgender individual, but it gives you a few more years to talk about that, and most importantly, it prevents puberty from exploding on this kid.”

But the research tells us that administering puberty blockers to children isn’t just “buying time,” as Dr. Turco said in a 2016 Valley News interview. It’s a decision with serious life-long consequences.

Studies consistently show that if children with gender dysphoria are allowed to go through puberty, the vast majority become comfortable with their bodies when they reach adulthood. The most recent study followed a group of gender dysphoric children for over 20 years and found that 87.8% outgrew their gender dysphoria.

In stark contrast, over 95% of children who are administered puberty blockers will move on to opposite-sex hormones, and those who start before the age of 12 will never have any sexual function, according to Marci Bowers, MD, president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health who identifies as a transgender woman.

“Every single child who was truly blocked at Tanner Stage 2 [ages 9-11] has never experienced an orgasm. I mean, it’s really about zero,” said Bowers in a video panel. “To be intimate with a partner is very important. We need to have our eyes open to that.”

Children who take puberty blockers and move on to opposite sex hormones will probably be sterile, according to Dr. Jeremi Carswell, director of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Gender Multispeciality Service. “If you are giving something that shuts down your estrogen or shuts down testosterone entirely, you’re going to stop . . . producing sperm or eggs,” Carswell said in a video. “If you never started, you’re not going to … advance the gonads to be able to do that.”

In his presentation, Dr. Turco didn’t mention the risk of sexual dysfunction from these chemically castrating chemicals.  He indicated that concerns about bone loss are outweighed by the dangers of puberty. “Allowing kids to go through, quote, the wrong puberty can have devastating effects, so you’ve got to balance that off things like bone density,” he said. 

“I thought that there’s been some research that suppressing puberty can lead to problems later on and that some children who were treated with those drugs became sterile. Is that true?” asked a woman in the audience.

“Whatever risk there is, I think it’s minimal,” responded Turco. “And certainly when you weigh it against this kid at age 10-and-a-half that has this strong and persistent feeling. You know you’re pretty damn sure this kid’s going to be a trans man or a nonbinary individual in the future.”  

Administrating puberty blockers to treat gender dysphoria also raises ethical concerns about informed consent. How can a child consent to puberty blockers if he has no conception about adult intimacy?

Dr. Carswell acknowledges that physicians are handing out these chemicals “a lot like candy, which is great in some ways, but it’s like, OK, well, we need to have a conversation.”

Because little is known about how hormone blockers affect the development of the teenage brain or children’s bones, England’s National Health service is strictly limiting their use for treating gender dysphoria, and requiring that children taking them be enrolled in a formal research program. Harvard Medical School Professor Marc Garnick, MD recommends that children taking puberty blockers in the US also be part of a rigorous clinical research study to evaluate their short- and long-term health effects.

Dartmouth Health has not responded to a request for comment.

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  1. This is TOTAL BS ! These folks are criminals. They need to be treated as such. No one gave them the right to screw with our children.

    So this clown thinks “You know you’re pretty sure this kid’s going to be a trans man or a nonbinary individual in the future.” Really ? And you know this because you are clairvoyant ? No sir, you think you are God. I hope the real God has a treat for you.

  2. Gyorgy Lucaks did this sexualizing children crap in Hungary in the 1920s. They booted him after a year. I hope we’re tying our laces for this joker.

  3. When societies collapse, this is what it looks like. The State and Federal government violate their own laws protecting children from exploitation and abuse, age of consent, informed consent, and human rights. The State and Federal government create laws to shield themselves, educators, medical professionals, and non-profit organizations from liability or culpability for violating human rights and protecting children. Members of society are complicit in their silence to protect children from physical and psychological abuse and the long term effects. The purest of evil unfolds before our eyes, and so many, far too many, are completely oblivious to all of it.

  4. Marxists/democrats have always gone after the children to infect with their sick agendas. They used to stick to only mind control but now they are going right for the body with vaccine mandates and coerced hormonal interventions. What will it take to make voters see this evil?

    • Why are you confident the election results are an accurate representation of public thought or ballots cast? They’re not.

      • I am NOT confident about the validity of elections with the mail-in ballot fiasco.
        More liberty-minded people need to vote to overcome the number of fraudulent/stolen votes perpetrated by the marxists…

  5. If you don’t know what your sex/gender/whatever is, get off the internet and quit watching TV. Go to a farm and see how the animals make babies. Take notes if you must.

  6. There are numerous groups surfacing to help those who have taken plunges to change their sexuality retransition to their original birth origins. Here is one of 1000’s of such stories. This one is from a decorated Navy Seal.

  7. Dr. James Lindsay, renowned expert on all things Communist, Marxist, Socialist (woke leaning) recently released this clip on the intent of gender identity education in our schools – many Vermont schools –…/groomer-schools-3-the…/. Their strategy is stir division, weaken the base, sweep in and come up stronger in the wake. Within the schools it is their goal to have gender identity education stir division to shred the family foundation and our communities.

    It is time to stir Vermont Strong teaming concerned citizen efforts to show support for those most directly afflicted – the individual students and parents who protest their children be required to engage in these courses; the coaches who supported the girls volleyball team members and were fired, the students who lost summer jobs because they shared with community members the contents of their equity education discussions.

    It is also time for many communitieis to gather petitions like Milton’s that had 1000 signatures presented to the school board and administration opposing new dynamics gender identity, SEL, equity and global citizenship to be top goals of Vermont’s education. We want restoration to the recently released failing grades – below 50% in all Vermont schools in their math, science and language arts testing scores.…/students-score…/ We needed teaming efforts. One pencil is easily broken – a bunch is harder to break.

    Might you gather a team to stir petition efforts in your school district? Write for more information.

    What do you think, Vermont Veterans? Might you be willing to reinlist for the cause of FREEDOM & UNITY you once fought for? Some of your community members need a dose of what you are made of. Might you teach Vermonters what teaming efforts look like?

    For more on educational concerns visit or Facebook’s SOS Save Our Schoolchildren.

  8. Shocking Yes……..what one does as an adult is ones own bs, doing this to children is a Crime against Humanity……..end of story

  9. Altering the maturation of a mammalian body in that way can’t fail to have numerous, grave side effects.