Assaults on Border Patrol grow

Assaults on border patrol officers are a “ripple effect” of increased illicit border crossings, the U.S. Border Patrol said this month. 

After 27 months with zero assaults on U.S. Border Patrol agents, there were nine between Jul. – Nov. 2022 in the Swanton sector of the U.S. border.

The Swanton sector covers part of the N.Y. and N.H. borders, and all of Vermont’s. 

Illegal crossings in the Swanton sector last year saw the largest increase, about seven times higher than the previous year, the Center Square reports. 

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  1. Well but of course. You begin your entry into the US by flagrantly violating Federal immigration law and you are enabled to so, and it’s a “shocker” as assaults against the Border Patrol, the police, and the citizenry increase? This is a national & an international disgrace and humiliation. It is an intentional, ongoing act which the USA will never recover from. It is the extreme left’s methodologies, in cooperation with the paid off mainstream media/social media companies, toward these radicals’ vision of a “liberal world order” – destroy the United States of America, first & foremost.

  2. A crisis in the northern sector, these numbers in the south would be incredibly good news.

  3. I hope the BP is responding with live fire. Anything less would be a dereliction of duty. Anyone who attacks a BP agent is a foreign combatant and should be treated as such.

  4. We will need to seriously consider a hard border with NY in order to protect our children and grandchildren for the once and future Vt Republic. The fentanyl destruction of our children, our most precious commodityshould be the immediate justification. Better safe than sorry is an old and wise Yankee saying I learned as a child 👦

  5. Militants and criminals are being encouraged to come to VT in order to sway elections, etc.

  6. The situation on the Canadian border is not new. Justin Trudeau allowed millions to pour into Canada over the past few years. Justin and 10% Joe have an agreement. We will see the mirror image of the Southern border unfold here. The new world order and the globalist/nihilist agenda is now in overdrive.

  7. Border agents should be given WIDE LATITUDE to use deadly force when presented with ANY level of physical assault. They are federal agents protecting the citizenry from foreign invaders and shouldn’t need to worry about candy-ass Vermont activists or politicians. The border sign is interesting…even my bank ATM has only 2 options for language, and neither of them is French.