Independent Guv candidate challenges Scott, Zuckerman on vaccination

To the Editor

This is an open letter to Phil Scott, David Zuckerman, the Health Department, and the People of Vermont  about the bad plan for Mandatory Vaccines. 

David Zuckerman states “Science Matters: Vaccines Work” and Phil Scott is “Open to mandatory vaccines.” Why are the Dems and Trump speeding the arrival of vaccines?  Here’s some information to consider before going there: Mandatory vaccines violate our VT Constitution (Article 11) and US Constitution (4th amendment).  The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It states that all power resides with the People, and is delegated by the People, and can be recalled at any time, to the People.  People, now is the time to flex our rights. There is patented material in the vaccines, which, when injected give the vaccine maker ideas of patent ownership- not unlike Monsanto/Bayer. Mandatory vaccines are also a violation of the Nuremberg principles. Additionally, Big Pharma is the most powerful of industries, they spend the most to influence congress. Vaccines do not always work. Bill Gates has been banned from India for the vaccine harm he has caused children there. #Expose Bill Gates. Congress has made all vaccine makers immune to liability, so the People don’t really understand how harmful they are.  Medical error accounts for 1/3 of all deaths in the US. 

I seek the Governor’s seat to restore rights, freedoms and responsibility to the People. I am helping Vermonters to organize to protect our People from mandates that violate our Constitution and encourage Vermont People to manifest change in government according to our Article 7.  In fact, we are organizing now to challenge Scott’s violations of the Emergency Powers Act, the VT Constitution and his stated intention to further violate our Constitution and the Nuremberg Principles with mandatory vaccines. Get in touch, get active! emilypeyton.com. Stand united for our freedom from mandatory vaccines right now.   I am seeking election to unify the left and right elements of our People and empower us, rather than continue to trigger the right/left division.   We need everyone to stand together !  I will be relaxing and picnicking mask-free at the Burlington Waterfront on Sept 5, 1-4 pm.  

 Emily Peyton, Independent for Governor, Truth Matters party

Sherm Webster, Vermont Tribunal for Justice

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