Independent Congress candidate ‘moved the needle’

To the editor:

A special thanks to all for the wonderful encouragement and support during my short run for U.S. Congress this past year. It was an all-encompassing, enlightening and rewarding experience, to say the least.

My primary goal for running for office was to highlight and initiate conversations with folks across Vermont on the issues that we are all facing today. I achieved this goal through thousands of conversations with Vermonters over the past several months. I’m confident that my overall participation “moved the needle” a bit, as well as had a positive impact during the election.

Prior to the primaries, there were 12 named candidates for Vermont’s open seat in U.S. Congress. On election day, November 8th, when most of the votes were counted, I learned that I placed 4th overall (and was the leading “Independent” candidate).

The additional good news is that the winning candidate, Becca Balint (Becca Balint for Congress), is very intelligent, experienced, and capable. She is, by far, the best person for Vermont’s Representative to Congress. Becca will undoubtedly do great things for Vermont and the U.S. in her new position.

I offer Becca my sincere congratulations and full support as she delves into her new role and chapter. Best wishes to Becca, Vermont, and all my friends, family, and supporters. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Matt Druzba (Vermont’s former and Independent candidate to U.S. Congress)

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  1. Why are we reading articles such as this in VT Daily Chronicle? Isn’t being exposed to leftist governmental propaganda in 97% of all media/social media outlets enough?

  2. One day we will find out what the exchange was for rigging Vermont’s one congressional seat and one of two Senate seats. It seems all too convenient for the status quo to remain in power considering the state of the State and the Union.

  3. Moved the needle? Maybe as much as $5 of gas in Biden’s economic gas tank. Balint is just another Democrat scammer moving on to bigger and better scams. FTX

    • Yes Becca knows FTX. Will Becca give that money back? Will Becca join the republicans and investigate hunter and the big guy? Maybe Becca will uncover why 97% of the news outlets and big tech would rather censor republican talking points and lie to voters then to tell the truth and admit Biden’s policies are hurting the nation because he has been compromised by a foreign entity and let the chips fall where they may!!! Hell no, because of FTX she is already been compromised by a foreign entity too. Mary

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