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  1. Sadly there are more than the five depicted in this cartoon sadly. More than half of the reps in Montpelier are progressive socialists sadly!!

  2. No-knock warrants are absolutely stupid in every possible case besides possibly kidnapping. We have the technology to get around any other problem they purport to solve. It’s not even fair to our police officers to put them in that much danger to secure evidence.

    Also, you forgot “Teaching racism in school.”

  3. No knock is Un American and unconstitutional. It happens: wrong address, innocents killed.

  4. There is no limit to the stupidity that can spring forth by leftists guided and motivated by their own self-serving virtue signaling, misguided pride. Agree with a couple of others…no knock warrants are trouble, and anyone who believes in the right of people to defend themself in their own home from an immediate threat using lethal force ought to see through the problem with them. Anyone can kick your door down and yell “police”. If law enforcement has a legitimate justification to do a quick search to prevent destruction of evidence, a simple phone call or megaphone announcement followed by a show of credentials and warrant doesn’t take but half a minute, not long enough to flush all the fentanyl down the toilet but long enough to satisfy the Constitution and prevent needless bloodshed.