Hiding behind HIPAA? State mum on vaxxed/unvaxxed Covid deaths

By Guy Page

The State of Vermont can’t release vaxxed vs. unvaxxed death/hospitalization data because it might violate HIPAA health care privacy laws, the Vermont Department of Health Covid-19 Public Inquiries Team told a vaccine freedom advocate. 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.

None of the Vermont Department of Health publicly-available information mentions patients’ names or hometowns. It identifies them by age and medical conditions. 

The email conversation between Health Choice Vermont Executive Director Jennifer Stella and a member of the VDH Covid-19 Public Inquiries Team began Feb. 15 with this inquiry from Stella:

“Why is the state not reporting cases, hospitalizations and deaths based on treated v. untreated groups, as it vaxxed 1-2-3-4 doses versus untreated 0 doses? This would help all of us see if the vaccine is working, or not,” Stella wrote. 

* * * * * *

To better understand the answer Stella received, some history is helpful. In late summer and early fall, more vaccinated Vermonters died of Covid-19 than unvaccinated Vermonters, according to data provided by the Dept. of Health. As reported by Vermont Daily Chronicle, these numbers reflected Vermont’s high vaccination rate. Although the numerical death totals showed more vaccinated Vermonters dying, the death rate was higher among the unvaccinated because vaccinated Vermonters outnumbered the unvaccinated by about 4-1. 

Nevertheless, shortly after a spate of media reports about vaxxed/unvaxxed deaths (including VDC’s) made national news, VT Dept. of Health stopped providing specific death totals. Instead, its weekly updates showed only the higher rate of unvaccinated deaths. After many requests for death totals, VDH told VDC this information would not be provided. 

* * * * *

A week after Stella’s request, she received this response from the Covid team:

“The Vermont Department of Health does indeed collect and analyze data on the vaccination status of cases/hospitalizations/deaths. However, due to the small size of our state, we do not make that data available to the general public because doing so could possibly reveal the identity of individual people, thus violating their right to privacy. [Italics added.]

“In addition, our source of case data has changed. Early in the pandemic, the majority of testing was conducted at state-run test sites using the PCR test and our Vaccine and Testing Registry system. This enabled the Vermont Department of Health to gather and publish highly accurate data regarding the number of COVID-19 cases, including statistics on the vaccination status of cases. However, in recent months, rapid antigen tests have become widely available and now constitutes a majority of the testing that is done in the state. Although we request that at-home test results be reported to the Health Department, we have no way of enforcing that. As a result, it has become more difficult to gather and publish accurate data on the overall numbers of cases.

“In the course of the past nearly two years, a substantial body of evidence has been gathered worldwide the demonstrates the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in reducing severe illness resulting in hospitalization, or death from the disease. When it comes to determining whether COVID-19 vaccines are “working”, it is important to remember that the vaccines were granted FDA Emergency Use Authorization or approval based in part on their effectiveness in preventing those two outcomes. The vaccine manufacturers did not claim that their product(s) could or would prevent infection altogether. Early on, the vaccines actually did do a good job of preventing infection from the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and early variants such as alpha and beta. However, due to the greater transmissibility of the delta and omicron variants, there have been more cases in Vermont among people who were vaccinated but fortunately, most of those cases have been asymptomatic or had only mild to moderate symptoms.” 

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  1. In other words… It has become transparent and obvious that we can no longer manipulate the data to fit the conclusions we want to spout and you to accept. Therefore, as all socialists do, we will not comply with laws or requirements that do not serve our agenda, and we reserve the right to bend or re-interpret the language of said laws and requirements to suit our purposes.

    I hope Ms Stella keeps pushing for the information she has requested from the VDH Covid Public Inquiries Team. As always, cui bono? How can lack of transparency possibly be to the benefit of the VT citizenry? We should insist on it!

  2. “The vaccine manufacturers did not claim that their product(s) could or would prevent infection altogether.” Oh, but our public health officials and the media did exactly that, and there is the rub:

    “And if the virus does come into Vermont, even if it’s a variant, our high vaccination rates create a wall of immunity that stops it from spreading further.”

    — Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine, May 2021

  3. I think anyone who supported vaccine mandates or passports should be slapped every time the word HIPAA leaves their duplicitous mouths.

  4. This is typical of secular government power when it comes to accountability and transparency. They always justify themselves to escape scrutiny to hide their not-so-secret anti-America “hidden” agenda. I’m a 61 year old lifelong Vermonter who personally knows that real common folks in Vermont are family, and they are not bashful in sharing their personal lives, especially when it comes to the high stakes COVID issue at hand.

  5. Since when do the bureaucrats care about HIPPA?? You cant go to Canada (who would at this point!), go to college, go shopping in bunch of vt towns, go to some work places, etc….without your health traveling papers. We all know exactly what youre hiding. Forgive them Father for they have sinned….

  6. “Might violate HIPAA health care privacy laws” You’re the Vt. Dept. of Health and you don’t know the answer??? Who would then? Find the answer and let the public know one way or another instead of hiding behind “MIGHT”.

  7. The “autopsy” of this China virus will come forward. I don’t think they can stop it.

    Data Vt offered was always pumped to the highest possible definition.

    “Get the jabs and wear the mask” and everything will go away,”
    – at about the same time as if we did little or nothing.

    Sad that some died. Sadder the statistics publish were “enhanced”.
    SADDER still that all America was put in chains,
    treated like sheep – which is what so many of us have already Become!

    The truth will out – and Bureau credibility will be destroyed.

  8. Hogwash, Dr Doofenschmirtz. Plenty of other states do it. You cowards don’t want us knowing how much your heads are up the rumps of the WHO and the Biden administration.

    A State that WANTS its citizens ignorant and clueless will never prosper.

    Ticked off??? YES. You’ve been lying to us for almost two years.

  9. They were indemnified from liability and given a whole bunch of money to roll in.
    They rolled out meaningless tests and used them to call deaths ‘covid.’
    What is covid?
    They stopped looking at outcomes.
    The money folks started talking medicine.
    The education folks started talking money and medicine.
    The results are in. Let’s have a look. Treated v. untreated. Heart issues? Costs? Health outcomes?
    They told us the shots (not vaccines but EUA gene technologies) were “safe and effective” – yet –
    ***”If the data was favorable, I guarantee you, they would be releasing it.”***
    Steve Kirsch (

  10. What a bunch of stinkin’ HIPPAcrites, employers, restaurants, bars and other business establishments can demand to see your vax status, but we the people cannot know the non identifiable status of vaxed/unvaxed deaths. We need a ministry of truth so little minions can feverishly alter the history of covid deaths in their little cubicles, so that ALL covid deaths will be unvaxed…remember, Big Brother is watching!!!

  11. If the state were truly behind HIPPA there wouldn’t haven’t been a separation between the vaxxed between the vaxxed/ not vaxxed in the first place. No one in the public nor private domain should have any knowledge of ones’ medical history. This goes with 20 years of service at a state institution that preached HIPPA rights. Just so hypocritical as is much that is state from the kings’ pulpit each Tuesday.

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