HR1 would give feds control over state elections

To the editor:

HR1, the first bill written and introduced by Speaker Pelosi in January, is named “For the People”.  This is also the slogan of a Florida Democrat trial lawyer’s mega-practice.  HR1 is a federal takeover of elections and affects our freedoms and liberty.

Over 124 retired Admirals and Generals warn our country is under attack from socialism and Marxism.  It warned “For the People” would destroy election fairness and is a sinister way for the Democrats to remain in power forever. 

Today, states insure free and honest elections using government ID’s and verified signatures.  HR1 passed by House Democrats without any Republican support imposes federal control over our voting process.  States must conform to federal election procedures which restrict purging of voter rolls, prohibit state voter ID’s, and eliminate any vote-by-mail restrictions.  It affects the “chain of custody” integrity with ballot harvesting and allows federal financing of Congressional elections with a 6 to 1 match.

Voters don’t need a larger federal government lusting for power by subverting our Constitution and undermining state election oversight.  Local election officials take pride in the current process and work closely with state legislatures protecting election security and voter rights.  Democrats thrive on power grabbing; don’t let them.

Frank Mazur, South Burlington

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  1. Wait a minute…your missing the main issue here. We need the federal government to take over to stop the states from doing bad stuff…you know like racism and inequity. You know they aren’t going to do it right so we need the feds to keep them on the right track. Yeah…that’s about it.

  2. What difference will it it make in Vermont now that the legislature has already passed mail-in voting without any safeguards?

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