House candidate called ‘traitor’ by Democratic Party says goal is intimidating young voters

So “someone who has lived his life” speaks for them, Lyddy says

By Guy Page

The Oct. 2 Vermont Democratic Party press release calling House candidate John Lyddy a “traitor” is an effort to scare voters and suppress free speech, Lyddy said in a Vermont Daily Chronicle interview today. 

VDP Executive Director Jim Dandeneau wrote in a widely-circulated press release: “We know the Vermont Republican Party is filthy with insurrectionist sympathizers, but to be actively supporting a traitor like Lyddy should be a bridge too far for Phil Scott’s party.”

John Lyddy

Lyddy, of Whitingham in Windham County, said young people he speaks with are terrified to speak out against 2020 election fraud, the Green New Deal and other sacred cows for fear of losing their jobs. So the 67-year-old second hand store volunteer and retired executive and marketing consultant speaks the truth for them. 

“What we saw there was an attempt to suppress voter turnout for me, and for others in the state,” Lyddy said. “I think they are spending a good deal of political capital trying to suppress the free speech of voters, because they intend to go back to voters and double down on many of the issues they supported last year. Increases in taxation on fossil fuel, carbon taxes. These are all very hurtful policies that are going to harm the younger people and the elderly.

“When they make accusations that I am a seditionist and a traitor, essentially what they are doing is saying to the voting public is, ‘If you support that candidate, you are too.’”

And Lyddy says they are doing it all over the country, not just here. And it works. 

“I speak to a lot of young people. And they are scared. They don’t want to speak out. Because they are scared of a backlash. The only opportunity they have is for someone like me to speak out for them. For someone who has lived his life, not someone who has two children, and they lose their jobs and can’t support their children.” 

It’s reprehensible,” Lyddy said. “Vermont, sadly, is singing from the same songbook.”

Lyddy was asked to explain his role in the January 6, 2021 ‘Stop The Steal’ protest on the Mall. 

“Sharon (his life partner) and I drove down to Washington. We left at midnight, arrived at 8 AM. Took the metro into the mall.” There they joined a crowd of (already) several hundred thousand people. Lyddy worked in Washington D.C. for 22 years. He remembers the massive May Day rally of 1972 and similar gatherings. 

“We were just below the Washington Monument. We spent 2-3 hours there. When the speeches ended, for the most part everyone walked down the mall to the Capitol building. For the most part, people were chanting slogans, like ‘Stop the Steal.’”

Lyddy then saw “a couple of paramilitary groups literally march up to the western side of the Capital building and start to climb over the structures that were erected for the inauguration. More and more people joined in. Then we witnessed a couple of people breaking in through windows.”

Lyddy saw, but did not join, the growing confrontation outside the Capitol between police and some crowd members. 

Then the word came out of the building that a woman (Ashli Babbitt) had been killed. That’s when Lyddy told Sharon, “We didn’t come down here for this.” They left immediately.

He sees some positive change coming out of the rally.

“I felt that that trip and that demonstration was going to be historic. And indeed it was. On a number of different levels. It was historic because we angered a number of political organizations, but at the same time the states were put on notice that things had changed.”  

As a result, state legislatures took responsibility for secure voting. “What we witnessed were 27 states modifying voter security statutes in order to change how voting was done in their states, to make sure that voting was more secure.”

“They said I was a threat to democracy because I was speaking out for voter security in this state.” Democrats want “to weaken the voting process.”

If voters are intimidated and the voting process is weakened, “what we will see is that the party that is in power, stays in power.” Their policies will harm the country so much that they will have to do things to stay in power that no other party would do. They do not want me in Montpelier to speak out against that.”

“It saddens me deeply to see this type of behavior up in Vermont.”

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  1. Mr. Lyddy claims he and his wife joined “hundreds of thousands” in DC at the Jan. 6 rally. Estimates are that 120,000 may have attended. Mr. Lyddy apparently is experiencing the same illness as his mentor, DJT; visions of grandeur and a tendency to tweak the truth just a little bit.

  2. I feel sorry for people today. We used to be able to debate issues, then go to the polls, vote, and carry on normally after the election. We discussed issues, positions, not ad hominems. The media use to expose dishonesty. They followed stories “with legs”. I don’t blame people who are now scared to death to speak out at work! They have kids, they’ve recently bought a home or are planning to. Single people are vulnerable too. People can’t afford to be ostracized and ultimately “cancelled” from work. It’s easier to put out a “defund the police” sign then deal with day to day unpleasantness. Just go with the shiny new thing that comes along.

    • This is the weapon of mass destruction of the left and they have sharpened it, honed it, grown it and weild it indiscriminately at anyone who will not obey their sick and twisted ideologies.

      Simply, there is no more debate with them. The lines are drawn, the spark is coming. Life as we all know it is about to change, drastically. Our founders predicted this…

  3. It’s pretty rich to hear Progressives use the word “filthy” when their dystopian and Orwellian world is based on the demise and misery of others. They yearn for a world where oppression and control are the norm. Elon Musk was spot on to call out these Progressive tyrants for who they are. “Wokeness gives people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue.”

    • Regardless of your position, when name assassination becomes the central focus; it usually means you have no creditable facts to backup your opinion. Just because someone is exercising their 1st amendment rights of peaceable assembly, because you don’t like their political positions that doesn’t make them a traitor. It does however prove besides your personal opinion you have no facts that are worthy of any attention.

  4. https://www.vtdemocrats.org/vdp-staff
    Here are you Vermont democratic party staff. I don’t see a lot of life experience in this group. What I see is a gaggle of indoctrinated lefties. Calling republicans insurrectionists from the national party playbook. They can’t run on policies since their policies are the cause of inflation, the crime increase, transgender nonsense, censorship of opponents, diversity, equity, and Incluuuusion for more destruction of the country. The party leaders know they have nothing so they dusted off the “Rules for radicals” playbook wherein one of the rules is to ridicule your opponent. Funny how inclusion always rejects those with individual thoughts.This director is the new crop of indoctrinated hate messagers. They project onto others what they claims others are doing. Projection, but it’s not working. The red wave is coming and there’s nothing they can do except of course cheat like last time. But the eyes are on them now.

  5. https://www.vtdemocrats.org/party-platform
    Now here’s their party platform. If you can vote for this, you deserve everything that come with it. Like forced this or that, whatever they dream up to control your future is in between every line in this road map to hell. This isn’t the Vermont I was born into. If their policies are so great, why do they have to be mandated?

  6. Fourteen thousand hour of unreleased video that the government won’t release. And who’s not telling the truth,

    “The farther a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it”. – George Orwell

  7. Thank you Vermont Daily Chronicle for following up on the Vermont Democratic Party’s chair referring to “filthy Republican insurrectionists”. I guess this is in line with President’s Biden’s labeling half of our country’s voters “semi-fascists”. Why? For having a different, optimistic view of our state and country and for believing in a multi-party political system that creates debate and progress not in insults and canceling opponents.

  8. No matter what your party, as an American, you must see that labeling John Lyddy and his supporters as filthy insurrectionists is just wrong. Do not let these intimidation tactics work. Our country is on the brink of demise thanks to the radical left and we can no longer be complacent. Speak your truth and do not be afraid to stand up for freedom. Think, while it’s still not against the law, and be sure to vote with common sense to save our way of life.

  9. Who does this democratic party Executive Director think he he is? If you do not agree with this guy he (negatively) labels you, calls you name, lies about you and I submit to the readers here that he is weak and has nothing! He embodies all the problems in Vermont politics. He is truly disgusting.

    I was the target of one of his smear press releases with other great Vermonters. I am a proud Constitutional Conservative Vermonter that will fight for “We The People” every day, even for the Director’s right to spew his lies and hate, but I will rebuke him.

    Friends, it is time that you all stand-up to the hate, lies, fear tactics from the Left and to challenge these folks. Additionally, please contact ten of your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers and ask the to Vote REPUBLICAN on their November 8th ballot from top to bottom. We all need the RED WAVE to rush throughout our great Green Mountain State.

    God Save Vermont and God bless you and your family…

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