“Hold The Light”

Alison Despathy speaks about vaccine freedom at end of this video

Health Choice Vermont held a candlelight vigil Monday night on State House Lawn.

As Gov. Phil Scott read to children and lighted the state Christmas Tree nearby on the State House lawn, about 50 vaccine freedom supporters, sang, testified, and lit candles in the darkness and pledged to continue stand with each other against government coercion. Video, photos below.

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  1. It was an absolutely beautiful and empowering event. So many amazing, compassionate warriors came out to stand in solidarity and support of each other, our children, the future of humanity and the movement for truth, freedom and health choice.
    -so very grateful

    Also Thank you Guy so much for sharing your soulful song of freedom. Amen

    May truth rise up over lies
    May good rise up over evil.

  2. Thank you for coverage of this Guy. Thank you for those that were there. Wonder why its not on wcax 😉.

    • Mainstream media sources like WCAX are owned by the elites. The last thing they would cover are those who question vax-related.

  3. Thanks for coming tonight, and for your support, consideration and community over the years.

    Welcome also to anyone new that came – this was actually our second annual candle light vigil.

    Be sure to get signed up so you can know about other events. Sign up at: and

    I just wanted to share with you all all little personal story.

    When I was first called to do this work, to preserve parental rights and children’s health, it was late 2011.

    I was a young mother, aware of vaccine risks by then because my children had both been injured. A young child, age seven, had just died after a flu shot, of myocarditis. Her name was Kaylynne Matten.

    Say her name: Kaylynne Matten.

    Kaylnne, may she rest in peace, died 36 hours after a flu shot, in her mother’s arms. She was just 7 years old. She would be 19 years old today. The same age as my oldest.

    At the time, though – my children were 6 and 8 and I was so moved that I went up to meet this grieving family.

    I am still not exactly sure why – let’s just say that all of my professional and personal and moral experiences in my life just seemed to collide that day.

    My children we re 6 and 8, and my son had experienced a very serious vaccine reaction as a baby – and my daughter after him – and Kaylynne’s death quite simply stunned me.

    That my child could be next. Anyone’s child could be next. This should never happen.
    And that was 11 years ago.
    And it moved me into action like never before.
    And, in a nutshell – I became an advocate – for the rights of all children and all persons – to never be lied to or forced to take a shot, again. And it is how I met many of you, and why I stand here today. Because we are on the right side of history. And we must never give up.

    That time in my life, when I was first called, was also when I met Rep. Vicki Strong, who was not my State Representative at the Legislature, but she was there to faithfully represent her constituents from Albany and Barton, including the Matten family.

    So when Dr. Harry Chen and the CDC and the pediatricians and the drug and hospital and insurance lobbyists teamed up to remove parents right to “opt out” of one of 54 injections for their school children, in 2012, in a Nationwide campaign that ended up lasting years and sweeping the nation, a campaign to squash out any differing opinions on health aside from the one true way – the new religion of medicine – of cut, Burn and chemically treat – I was called.

    I stood up because back then our rights to hold differing health philosophies were protected in law. Our right to make our own choices, based on differing health philosophies, or religious beliefs, is not something that could be taken away – and yet through both wins and bitter losses, the intention even then was to prohibit us from acting out our sovereign, conscious decisions.

    Tonight, our community mourns many things.
    I personally, mourn that my years of work were not enough to save so many who have been hurt by the news shots to hut the market – the experimental gene shots.

    But We all mourn the way it used to be. And it is time to move forward. To manifest and to create and to build and to act.
    We miss when differing opinions were a way of life – and consideration was given for one’s neighbor, friend, family member. It is up to us to restore it.

    A time when fear did not rule all, and darkness had not yet plunged us into chaos, infighting and ignorance of the truth. It is up to us now, to cast aside our fears, and hold the light.

    Whatever has come before, we stand here in the face of an ongoing humanitarian crisis that has gone on far too long and must be stopped.

    It is now up to each one of us to stand peaceful in our truth,
    holding the light for freedom, and for health and for justice.

    So thank you very much for coming tonight. Tonight we must acknowledge some very hard grief and some very hard truths. We will be brief – and save the longer, adult conversations that we can and must have, for a time coming soon.

    Tonight, let us acknowledge how many people we know and love have been harmed by unsafe pharmaceutical products administered with our safety, efficacy, or accountability.

    Is there a person in your life
    who has been injured by COVID or the Response Measures?
    We have ornaments – we invite you to make one, and Hang it on the tree in silence, after the vigil.

    Raise your hand if the life of someone you love has been destroyed by COVID.
    Raise your hand if the life of someone you love has been destroyed by the Response Measures.
    Raise you hand if you want truth and justice and freedom for all.
    It is going to take serious diplomacy and change.

    Obviously there are a lot of adult conversations that are happening and many that are not happening and need to happen. They will happen. So that we may have peace, truth, freedom and health. Liberty and Justice for All.

    We had wanted to print out all of the reports, just the Vermont reports – of injury after shots – but the report was over 3500 pages long. Vaccine injury reports. Including deaths. Just from Vermont. And when I then tried to print out the list of reactions by vaccine type and lot numbers, the report was going to be 3,885 pages long. All the reports in the system – over 4000 pages long. For someone at the state to do the job right, and stop just counting the number of people who have been poisoned and the amount of money rolling in – but count the number of injuries and the human, societal and economic costs to humanity instead – they would need to review at least 11,ooo pages of reports. Why have they not read these reports? Why am I, a volunteer advocate, doing their job for them?

    And these are just reports. You will hear from others. Real people. Not just numbers. Not just stats.

    The most recent deaths here in Vermont, in close proximity to covid shots, happened on November 18th. The one before it on October 18th. A 66 yr old man and a 67 year old man. One with pre-existing conditions and one without. Onset 14 days and 2 days after the shots. Both obviously with families, loved ones, mothers and fathers.

    This needs to stop. And it will take each one of us.
    And so I want to hand it over to the one woman who has served as diplomat, day and day out for those who want their health freedom, for 12 years of her life in that building over there, the Vermont State House and we all owe her a deep round of applause and deep gratitude for everything she has done for us.
    Everything she has suffered. Because – for Vicki – like many of us –

    The “Rules” Were “Relaxed” – but Only for the vaccinated.
    The bonuses and the praise – only for the vaccinated
    The Rules Were Strict – if you did not take the thing.
    The Rules were Different – for you.
    You are perfectly healthy – yet you are treated as a danger to others health.
    You might be infectious. Wear a mask. Take a test.
    You’re different from us – we are told – even though none of us have changed.
    Why don’t you just do it, Vicki – why do you have to be so difficult?
    You never stop do you?
    And when you asked,
    What might they try to make me do…? And then said – whatever it is, I will persevere;
    I knew you were right, in that moment, so sure. E are on the Right Side of History. Standing for peace, truth, freedom and health – for every person, whether they know it, or not.

    Thank you, for holding the light. Let us take a moment of silence for all those who have been permanently injured, and for the millions of our people who are now sick on a daily basis, struggling with respiratory disease, extremely ill, and who are still being lied to.

    Jennifer Stella

    • Thank you for all you do. I wish I could have joined you, but I don’t drive after dark and Montpelier is an hour away. Nonetheless I was with you in spirit. I watched on line for reports of the event but only found it here on Vermont Daily Chronicle and I’m grateful for this reporting. Every little bit helps.