His Burlington remarks were banned by YouTube. Here, Dr. Aaron Kheriarty talks freely about ‘technocratic biosecurity surveillance regime’

Dr. Aaron Kheriarty, a member of the Restoring Our Faith Summit panel discussion banned by YouTube for ‘medical disinformation,’ interviewed by Dr. Rob Williams of Vermont Independent.

by Guy Page

On December 15, YouTube announced that due to ‘medical misinformation’ it would not upload the October 25 Restoring Our Faith Summit panel discussion of medical and scientific experts on the Covid-19 vaccine, including California physician Dr. Aaron Kheriarty. This morning, a December 13 no-holds-barred video interview with Kheriarty was uploaded by Dr. Rob Williams on his poke-the-bear video news website,

Kheriarty is author of The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State. Until last December, he was a professor of medicine at University of California – Irvine and a leader of the medical ethics panel at a nearby hospital. Then without consulting the ethics panel, the university instituted a vaccine mandate.

“I said it a year ago, and I’ll say it again because it’s even truer now. The real division today is no longer left/right, liberal/conservative, or Democrat/Republican. It is between those who will accept a technocratic biosecurity surveillance regime and those who will resist.”

– Dr. Aaron Kheriarty

“That seemed strange,” Kheriarty said. “Clearly the vaccine mandate was going to be the most ethically fraught of all of the policies the university developed.” Informed consent was being tossed overboard, which made no sense given the iffiness of the clinical trials.”

It was the beginning of his personal struggle with the biomedical security state. It ended with him getting fired.

College media instructor Dr. Rob Williams, host of Vermont Independent

“I began to see fellow colleagues, nurses, staff, students being steamrolled by this policy,” he said. Medical, professional and religious exemptions were almost non-existent. As he prepped for teaching his medical ethics course – including issues like standing up for the patient first, informed consent, integrity – he saw all around him a medical institution flouting all of these principles.

A Wall Street Journal column he wrote outlining his concerns failed to move the medical establishment.

“Long story short, I filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the vaccine mandates,” Kheriarty said. The University put him on investigated leave, then suspended him. Kheriarty offered many accommodations – working from home, taking a sabbatical – but the university would have none of it. He was fired.

A young husband and father of five, he quickly established a private practice and developed associations with non-profit organizations. A year to the day of being placed on unpaid suspension, he published “The New Abnormal.”

“That felt good,” Kheriarty said.

“I said it a year ago, and I’ll say it again because it’s even truer now,” Kheriarty said. “The real division today is no longer left/right, liberal/conservative, or Democrat/Republican. It is between those who will accept a technocratic biosecurity surveillance regime and those who will resist.”

Williams, a teacher of media and the Holocaust (among other subjects) in Vermont colleges, noted that the Nazi eugenics program and the ‘Jewish Final Solution’ entered into German society through its public health programs.

The interview was filmed and co-produced at Mad River Valley TV, the local public access channel. See more information about Dr. Kheriaty’s book here. 

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  1. Another Communist/Marxist company with a virtual platform denying Freedom of Speech. What a DISGRACE. What a violation against our basic rights. And the US government is behind it ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    We are doomed if this stranglehold is not stopped pronto! Despite having always realized the deep corruption that existed on all levels of government for many decades, never did I think I would witness an all-out very public attack upon Constitutional rights AND the rule of law here.

    The fact that nearly 50% of all eligible Vermonters never “bothered” to vote in the midterm elections last month merely seals our fate. Americans’ apathy & complacency & ignorance shall have us all being thrown to the new “liberal world order” gulag wherein citizens who believe in “disinformation” such as freedom of religion, speech, expression, & assembly might be “reprogrammed”.

    Freedom and Unity, Vermont? NOT anymore. WAKE THE BLANK UP, AMERIKA!

  2. Thank you Vermont Daily Chronicle for posting this. Dr. Kheriarty is one of the courageous voices of the resistance against the world wide globalist agenda to create a biomedical security state.

  3. Keep in mind that in nazi Germany, it was considered a medical “fact” that non-Aryans were genetically inferior. Anyone who suggested information running counter to that was considered an enemy of the state. What constituted medical fact and fiction and the surveillance to indicate who was disseminating such “dangerous misinformation” was perpetrated by a cozy relationship between government and the private sector that was defined as FASCISM. The Biden administration unabashedly regards the private ownership of firearms to constitute a public health threat. Is history repeating itself here?
    The nazis primarily used state-issued radios, state-run print media and posters in the public square to spread their propaganda. Now the US deep state uniparty uses TV, radio, public broadcasting and now primarily “social media”, which enables a high level of censorship, surveillance, and identification of users. So far, no death squads have descended across the land, but many people are losing their ability to earn a living because they uttered the “wrong” opinions or they resist having an experimental agent injected into their arm muscle. We are allowing private media companies to define what can and cannot be said, while they have no allegiance or adherence to the Constitution as a government agency would. FASCISM enables this, by design. A majority of ignorant Ummericans voted for this…inexplicably in the privacy and anonymity of the voting booth. We is dumb.

  4. People really need to look into the World Economic Forum agenda. These people literally look to China as the model form of government for the entire world. The same China that routinely kills millions of it’s own citizens. The same China that massacred thousands in Tiananmen Square for daring to peacefully protest for democratic representation. The same China that knowingly shut down internally while exporting a genetically engineered virus worldwide. The same China that requires citizens to carry a trackable phone at all times, and brags about a domestic “Skynet,” of real time facial recognition for all metropolitan areas. The same China that welds people inside their homes for weeks on end, and will let them burn to death if there’s a fire. These WEF types even believe that the next “industrial revolution,” which they endeavor to create and impose will be “transhumanist,” by which they mean to GMO & cyborg the human race, and that’s the literal truth. They mean to use “biosecurity,” as the propaganda tool to socially engineer this dystopian nightmare, and so far, it’s working great.

  5. I watched the video referenced at the top of this article. This was an incredible conversation, the kind of non-partisan video that I plan on sharing with many of my still blue pilled friends. Perhaps when they see the bigger picture of the real potential for a dystopian future that transcends politics, a few more will be stirred to examine their own responses to and acceptance of a narrative that was always much larger than public health. I encourage everyone to watch this. I plan on purchasing this book.

  6. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty is a National Hero for speaking up. I feel very grateful for him; he lost his job at U.C. Irvine of 15 years plus 4 years as Residency in Psychiatry to protect his human right to refuse an experimental mRNA injection (these were not vaccines). The DHS, NIAID & CDC are all corrupted by Big Pharma/Pfizer … and tried to enforce an illegal EUA on all American’s. They violated the Nuremberg Code & the MSM (CNN & MSNBC; who blue-pilled most Liberals) & FoxNews brainwashed the masses into taking. There has been a 40% rise in ‘all cause death’ mortality of 18yo-64yo across the USA in 2021 (post C-19 injections); death NOT from covid, but from blood clots, endocarditis, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, still births. Time is telling how unsafe this product is; there was no other variable — except the roll out of the C-19 injections.

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