Hildebrand: day of my abortion was the saddest day of my life

by Marcia Hildebrand

I am a woman, mother and nurse. A few years after Roe v Wade, I was 18 and used my freedom of choice to have sex resulting in a pregnancy. I made a quick decision not to be inconvenienced for 9 months with another human being. I had an abortion.

I say “9 months” as I could have delivered my baby and offered her to someone who could not have a baby. I do not believe this was an example of “personal reproductive autonomy” as it involved three human beings: myself, the father and a baby. Autonomy is defined as self-governing NOT governing self plus two other individuals – this is not a personal choice but a three person choice usually made by only one person. Also, reproduction is defined as giving rise to offspring. Abortion is the opposite.

I feel compassion for women with an unwanted pregnancy (especially if they were raped) and would tell them my experience with abortion. It was the saddest day of my life.

A nation without limits on abortion is doomed to destruction. Since Roe v Wade, abortion has been “the back-up plan” too often and now is an industry supported by taxpayer funding and money from desperate women. I personally believe abortion providers should pay women for the products those women provide as I have no doubt that fetal organs and tissue sell for a very high price. It makes me ill thinking of those that profit off of desperate women that are doing something that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, God is merciful and will forgive anyone who asks.

Some want Vermont to be known as an abortion sanctuary state. This would make them proud. We know that most likely abortion will never be outlawed in Vermont but to have no limits on it, no matter what circumstance the woman is in or the stage of the pregnancy, is morally wrong in many ways.

Recently some women from my town published some thoughts to support Article 22:

“Maybe a good idea for the future would be to mandate that all male babies born be required to have a vasectomy. That way, if a woman is raped, or incest is involved, she wouldn’t face getting pregnant, she would need only to deal with the trauma of being raped. Vasectomies can be reversed if the male is in a relationship where they both agree they want a child.”

My response: Abortion cannot be reversed! This woman believes in treating human boys as dogs to be neutered but does not state that females can be “spayed” –  but maybe she should.

“Women are not incubators. Without the right to decide what does or does not happen with her own body, what rights does a woman really have?”

My response: We as women (unless subjected to rape) have the right to choose whether to have sex which can lead to a pregnancy.

“When I was 30, I had various symptoms and excruciating pain, the pain in my chest was so severe I thought I had pneumonia. When I arrived at a hospital, I was immediately rushed into surgery because of massive internal bleeding. The medical staff acted without hesitation and my life was saved because there was no fear of prosecution when the non-viable embryo was removed from my body. I was treated with respect and compassion from these dedicated professionals who need freedom to work without government interference which has no business in family matters.”

My response: This scenario is presented as a scare tactic. As a nurse I know that the patient’s life is always protected and an ectopic pregnancy is a fatal condition if not surgically corrected quickly. As the law stands now a woman would NEVER be at risk of dying from this condition unless she was misdiagnosed which is very unlikely. The medical professionals treating this condition would NEVER be in fear of prosecution. This scare tactic is despicable in my opinion and the woman who is presenting it should be exposed for sharing false information in order to promote her ideal of abortion with no limits!

Vermont is beautiful and many people come for a peaceful and healthy way of life. Do we want to be known for this or for being the place to go to end an innocent child’s life? Life begins at conception – whether we value this life will determine what kind of a culture we create.

Vote NO on Article 22. Choose LIFE!

The author is a resident of Belmont, a village in the Rutland County town of Mount Holly.

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  1. Thanks for writing this article Marcia. And thank you for taking a bold stand for life and being a “voice for the voiceless”!! I, and many others, stand with you and will be voting NO on Article 22!!

  2. I am blessed to call Marcia my friend. I have more than a few friends that have had an abortion. Most of the stories are from when they were very young and either had no support or were forced to have an abortion.
    The one constant is the devastating sadness many of these Women face.
    As a Male my opinion may not carry much weight with some.
    Doesn’t really matter, it will with someone and that makes it worth trying.

    Marcia has put a great deal of time and effort to share her story.
    I am proud of and thankful for her.

    • Any person who believes that a male has no right to expound upon their beliefs/opinions with regard to abortion, obviously doesn’t understand how a woman becomes pregnant. It takes two to “tango” and despite the biological fact that it is within a woman that a baby is nurtured & develops, that developing baby is as much his child as it is hers.

      Likewise, no reasonable person holds animosity or judgement against any woman who has had an abortion. Those who advocate for life know that only merciful God can judge each of our souls. We all are thankful for women such as Ms. Hildebrand who are genuine enough to bear their own souls in order to provide us all with a taste of the complexities involved, yet details the righteous paths that we all have the opportunity to choose in life when faced with difficult decisions. Indeed, we all have MANY choices.

  3. We need to forgive those who’ve been through this, who’ve been lied to and are still lied to. It’s an unbearable burden that can only be lifted one way. He will forgive you only need to ask.

    Courage to tell your story, courage for them to print it here. Hopefully your story will save others from the hurt and pain. Peace.

    They want us divided, man against woman, when really, we only seek to love one another.

  4. Yes, thank you Marcia. It’s important to mention that 81% of women who go through an abortion go through anxiety, depression and sometimes suicide ideation—-those are the adults!!!!!
    What about the children??? If article 22 passes then children’s bodies will be mutilated. Can you just imagine what their mental health will be like afterwards—they are being lied to to think they could change their minds later and go back——they can NEVER GO BACK!!!! If they have taken hormones and puberty blockers -they are chemically castrating themselves. Surgery is body mutilation-if anybody has had any surgery knows there are scars. In this case if children there will be both physical and mental scars.
    Pedophiles and sex-traffickers like the alleged rape of a 9 year old little girl by a cnn producer will get off—-the act will be decriminalized. The perp called it sex training???? Are you kidding!!! Right now I’m seeing in schools that children who say they identify as a Cat or dog-they can be that. How is that preparing them for life??? — the destruction of families is what I see. Vote Article 22 down. From one nurse to another—thank you for your efforts!!! Mary