High water in Lamoille County, mud in Barre

Sterling Market on Rte. 15 in Johnson, yesterday. Photo by William Moore

By Guy Page

Lamoille County, and in particular Jeffersonville, is the hotspot for search and rescue of flood victims today.

Public Safety Commissioner Jen Morrison reported that about 100 people have been delivered to safety. As of noon today, 45 are staying at a temporary rescue center at Smugglers Notch Resort, located high in the mountains. 

Inside a Barre apartment

Johnson, just east of Jeffersonville, also was heavy hit by flooding. Both are Lamoille County towns with significant higher elevations on both sides. 

Runoff from higher elevations into the Lamoille River and its branches is the source of continued flooding there. Most of the rest of Vermont – including Monday/Tuesday’s flood epicenters of Barre and Montpelier – are now virtually free of standing or moving water. 

In these two communities, as well as Berlin and Waterbury, the work now turns to drying out basements and removing mud from the first floor of the river community’s many flooded homes and businesses. During VDC’s visit to Barre and Montpelier yesterday, we saw many sump pump hoses, huge piles of debris, and mud everywhere – roads, sidewalks, and inside buildings. 

Dams okay, for now – the Wrightsville Dam in Montpelier and other flood control dams statewide are not in imminent risk of needing to release large amounts of water, resulting in flooding downstream, Gov. Phil Scott and administration officials said. However, 1-2” inches of rain is expected Thursday and Friday, and flooding could reoccur depending on the actual severity of the rainfall. 

“We’ll see what happens Thursday and Friday,” Scott said. “We’re monitoring the situation.”

Welch blames climate change – At today’s press conference, Sen. Peter Welch said he had just gotten off the phone with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Their verdict, and his: climate change is to blame. In particular, the warmer-than-usual Atlantic Ocean deposited more moisture than usual over the northeastern U.S. What would have been a typical storm became a flood event, he said.

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  1. Why shouldn,t Peter thi nk it is “climate change”. The record still was 1927 when the Federal Government didn’t bail out states. He doesn’t seem to understand womens sports competition either.

  2. But it’s a once in a 100 year storm…

    It can’t be BOTH!

    Slimey grifters.

  3. He doesn’t understand much about Vermont. Can you name one thing he has done to make your life easier?

  4. Peter Welch is a scheming, corrupt, nasty little sycophant. Never done an honest day’s work in his life but will do ANYTHING for a buck. He can stick his “climate change” grift right up high where the sun doesn’t shine.

  5. Here we go…Climate Change. Time to “conserve” 50% of VT lands while banning humans from going on those lands…

  6. To be fair, the climate is always changing. Fact is that we are in a warming period. Still not as hot as the early middle ages, but up there from the historical anomaly of the Little Ice Age. The problem is assuming that we know for certain all of the factors that drive the change. Blaming ourselves has really become a move of arrogance, a sort of backhanded “look at how mighty we are,” which proves as-if-not-more destructive than assuming that peoples’ actions have no consequences.

    • It would be even more arrogant to think that digging-or sucking trillions of tons of carbon from the earth in the last 200 years and spewing it into the atmosphere would have no effect.

  7. We get a wet period every 10 or 15 yrs. Remember how dry it’s been the last couple? We just made up for it, it’s how averages are made

  8. Phil, Peter and Bernie came to Barre City to view the damage on Wednesday. It appears they came only with empty platitudes, empty hands, and lapdog media. No pallets of water, no cleaning supplies, no gift cards, no cash. What they did was an empty suit photo op and propaganda tour to promote DNC scripted talking points. They pretended to give a rat’s behind that people are saddled with a big mess and expenses far above their means. Just because the flood caused more misery, doesn’t mean many people instantly forgot the misery these stooges cause on a daily basis for the past 3 1/2 years. Do us all a favor – just stay in the District of Corruption, stay in the ivory Pavillion tower, and savor the misery caused at the bequest of your Masters. Dispicible, repugnant, criminals.