Held for attempted murder

Ronald Real, 48, of Orwell was arrested July 10 for attempted murder and other charges in connection with a domestic incident, state police say.

At about 5:40 pm, Vermont State Police received a report of a domestic assault involving a firearm.

Police say Real fired in the direction of the victim, striking a vehicle operated by the victim. The victim fled without being struck. Shortly afterward, Real was located and taken into custody without incident. He was ordered held without bail at Marble Valley Correctional Center to face the following charges: attempted murder, 1st Degree Aggravated Domestic Assault, and Persons prohibited from possessing firearms; conviction of violent crime.

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  1. Forget the useless, hollow State charges, use the muscle of the tough, Federal gun laws regarding prohibited persons. If we dont use these tough laws against those who really deserve the scrutiny, there is NO legitimate basis for enacting ANY additional gun restrictions on law-abiding, decent people.

  2. As usual, gun laws did not deter a felon from obtaining a firearm. Gun laws are only obeyed by law abiding citizens.

  3. You mean Vermont’s universal background checks didn’t work?

  4. As the resident of the white house said ‘the red flag law will take the guns out of the criminal’s hands”…. how’s that working out?